anonymous said:

I just find it funny that everyone believed the rumor about Harry being on the plane to the Bahamas until Louis was rumored to be there as well.


interesting how that works, isn’t it?

The best part is, there was a secondhand rumor some months ago supposedly identifying Eleanor on a plane going to St. Barths with Louis, and that was believed without question—even though we never actually got photos of her there, and the only fan account we got was from a girl who changed her story a record-breaking 15 times…yet the same exact thing happens with Harry and Louis and suddenly that is no longer considered a credible source of information.

So apparently we can believe a rumor with no solid evidence, but only as long as it’s about ANYONE but H/L.

Oh. Right.. I’ve been wondering if anyone else noticed this part.. or more like, this specific shot. It’s just that Rin is laughing so freely here and it’s just so precious! Also Rei, aside from being obviously happy he was improving and Rin actually praising him for it (look at that tiny blush on his cheeks), he gets to see Rin smiling and laughing up close, a side Rin doesn’t openly show others. I bet Rin is so genuinely happy for Rei even if he doesn’t admit it and masks it with his cool shiz. And Rei’s quietly happy and proud too (coz he saw something unusual (good type of unusual) and he’s the cause of it). xD

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