“How nice it’d be to have a home. I’d say "I’m home” when I got in, take off my shoes, wash my hands and face, and sink into my chair. It’d be great. I’d make a bookshelf. And when it couldn’t hold any more books, I’d just make another one. I could do what ever I want, because it’s be my home. “

"I’d welcome you home, then.”

Run Ammy Run

If you all have been on Twitter, I did a live-tweet playthrough of Clover Studio’s Okami. It was definitely one of the most visually stunning and emotionally moving games I have ever played. The dialogue, visuals and design, characters, story and cinematography are just so harmonic and breathtaking and I can’t believe I did not finish it sooner a year ago when I got stuck at Agata Forest.

Everyone should take a chance to play this if they can. Plus you get to meet Shibas in the game!