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★ ✩ G E M S O N AW E E K ✩ ★
Thursday, March 12th - Wednesday, March 18th

Hope everyone is having a great “day 2” of gemsona week! 
Some prompt reminders, and big news. Please read/reblog!


This weekend’s prompts & challenges:

Friday, March 13th -

Mirror, Mirror - We’ve run into an alternate universe! Bad Homeworld Gems are good Crystal Gems here, and vice versa. (R.I.P Leonard Nimoy, LLAP.)
Full Disclosure - Celebrate the week-long Steven Universe scheduling marathon with fan works inspired by the past 6 episodes!

Saturday, March 14th -

★Gem Artifact - Magical items that are powered by trapping gems…
Oh No! - Something’s wrong with their gem! Is it corrupted, or cracked maybe…?
Order of Amulets Bonus: The Dream Team! Draw the whole team together!

Sunday, March 15th -

Evolution of Style Challenge: Draw in the Steven Universe pilot style, and then the current style! How close can you get it down?
R & R- What’s it like to take a regeneration vacation inside of a gem?

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BIG POST COMING TOMORROW. Please watch the blog. 

Yesterday in gemsona chat  I dropped some info about an event happening tomorrow. Can’t give you full details yet! (Please don’t send asks!) But here’s what I will tell you:


If you were around last year, you might have heard me talking about OoA in the tags… if not, it’s okay! Hang tight, all will be explained. This is both an EVENT on SATURDAY and something that will continue on after Gemsona Week ends. (So long as people want to keep it going!)

If you’re interested in RPing the event, here are some tips for being ready:

  • There will be TEAMS of FIVE GEMSONAS. Talk to your friends now! Anyone entering alone will be randomly teamed up, so no worries if you’re sailing the gemsonas seas lone-wolf style. 
  • Go to the forum link above and SIGN UP! OOC screennames are fine, it doesn’t have to be your gem type (and this is recommended especially if you have more than one gemsona you intend on roleplaying.)
  • Forum is locked right now, so you can only sign up and view public threads. Forum will be unlocked after the event begins- watch the blog/gemsona week tag! 
  • Homeworlder/wandering gemsonas are welcome, too! Not just those goody-goody Earth-lovers.
  • All relevant posts will be tagged #gemsona week and #ooa if you want to track those tags!

Can’t wait for this…..!

OoA & Fusion List

hey everyone it’s ore! just a bit of an update-

Fusion list is finalized, please help me give a tremendous thank you to twodeadlegs, they have been double checking our numbers and entering all the submission information into a spreadsheet, and then even coded java with their friend to generate the list easier! WOW WOW. Thank you so, so much, I’m still amazed at all your hard work, Yuan. 

You did  the spreadsheet last year, started doing it on your own just to be a big help! That’s awesome.

I’m currently coding the fusion list right now. This post will have mon-wed prompt list (with secret prompts) and instructions on finding your fusion partners, which you can find following through the “read more”. 

This post, and all important posts, will be tagged “#gemweek announcement”. You can reach all posts tagged with this by clicking the “UPDATES” button on the Gemsona Week blog’s left-hand navigation, right at the top. 

For the OoA AU RP- got a 10 page comic introducing the AU to show you very soon! Please get signed up on the forum ASAP if you plan on checking this out- (please note: forums will be frozen til full launch! but you can read around and check out the sample gem room!)

meet Petri! aka Petrified Wood. she’s an ancient gem, and is the Protector of the Temple of Amulets… an old friend of Rose’s. Dorey is a scribe at the temple (that’s why he’s such a bookworm on Earth) and has a lot of intimidated respect for her. Petri is legendary! She doesn’t often lose her cool…

(psst I’ll be roleyplaying Petri as a NPC to introduce everyone to the Order!)

alrighty, so this is malachites room so far! i spliced together some steven universe backgrounds (none of which belong to me!!) and messed with them, added some props!

so essentially malachite lives in a giant greenhouse and collects plants form the missions the team goes on :) (with a specific section dedicated to the strawberries that grow on the old gem battlefield). this is only one section of the room and theres several little tables and benches and little statues scattered all over it~

they use to pools to store some things, but most of their bubbles just float freely, or chill in the gardens somewhere. malachite likes to keep the gems they bubble (most of which are the less dangerous creatures they encounter or the gems theyve come across that were hurt or damaged) floating around their room. some filter in through the water from labradorite’s room every once in a while as well. occasionally theyll feel hints of emotions from the bubbled gems, so mallo likes to talk to them often. they arent sure if the gem inside is conscious or can hear them, but they talk anyways~

bettycrockerssketchbook powerthepeaceful themintylion im not really sure where in the temple this room is located???? but its connected to labradorites somehow haha. below or above or next to idk

edit: lmao i forgot to mention those floating things are different flower pots they have floating around


🐺 #hyena #chipa #chitabe #animals #ooa #outofafrica


Gem fusion concept between Volcano and Sunstone! The design was inspired by Monks in RPG games, and is constantly levitating off the ground. Instead of being an avid attacker, Vanadinite fills more of a support role, healing teammates and lending them strength using miniature suns. The fusion is mostly blind and uses the gems above their eyes to “see”. Vanadinite can also fire “sunlight bombs” that blind attackers upon explosion, and make a solar flare that can set opponents ablaze.