Vanilla Lavender

an:  I took a break from writing my vampire au because it’s a lot of angst atm and I had fluffy feels so I dumped them here. Cuddly, snuggly, bath-time onkey because why not. This is very vanilla - hence the title.

pairing: onkey

warnings: I actually managed to refrain from sexual expletives despite the fact that they’re naked together?? But I guess its implied so I shall give a warning anyway

Fitting back into the schedule of a comeback after a long break was always hell but Jinki never quite adjusted, always surprised by the mental and physical strain of full schedules and long nights. He felt the full brunt of all the worries and burdens the group was supposed to field and added the weight on his shoulder as motivation to do his best in all other aspects of the comeback, throwing himself into dance rehearsals and doing his best to push himself physically. It was a painful ordeal he never got used to and never wanted to give up.

However, as much as he loved it, it didn’t stop the very real physical pain and mental wariness the rush left behind. So, of course, when Jinki found himself stumbling through the dorm’s entrance around two am after a six-hour dance practice, the only thing he could think of besides the fogginess clouding his mind was that he really wanted to sleep.

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