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wardrobe,” Kibum begs as he picks through Jinki’s closet with a disgusted look mixed with horror. He selects the semi-decent articles and flings them onto the bed where the older man is sitting and watching. “I can’t continue dating a fashion travesty. I just can’t.”

Jinki chuckles as he watches his boyfriend’s varying expressions with amusement. “For the last time, Kibum. I like my clothes to be comfortable and baggy.”

“A step down from fashion for comfort doesn’t need to be this tragic, hyung,” Kibum groans, sifting through the millionth ratty old button down. “The 90s called. They’re asking for their clothes back.”

His rapid-fire snark only makes Jinki laugh more, getting up from the bed to stand behind his boyfriend in front of the closet. He wraps his arms around Kibum’s middle, pressing a soft kiss to his neck before resting his chin on the younger’s shoulder. “You don’t think my lack of fashion sense is cute anymore?” he wonders as Kibum groans when he pulls out the baggiest pair of jeans known to man. It had to be at least ten times Jinki’s actual size. He’s not even sure if he’s seen the elder wear it and it’s better off staying that way.

“Of course I still think it’s cute,” Kibum grumbles, softly elbowing Jinki in the stomach. “Doesn’t mean I won’t try to save you from yourself anyway, old man.”

“My clothes don’t need saving!” Jinki responds incredulously, laughing.

When Kibum pulls out a shirt with five different patterns and mismatching colors, he turns his head to raise his eyebrow at the older man. “You sure about that, hyung?” he asks.

Jinki wants to say yes because his clothes really aren’t that bad. But that shirt. He rubs the back of his head sheepishly, biting his lip. “Maybe?”

the game.

Birthday Suit - Onkey - NC-17

Title: Birthday Suit
Pairing: Onkey, side Sichul
Genre: Smut, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Prostitution, Money Kink, Crossdressing
Word count: 3779
Description: It’s opening day for Kibum and Jinki’s brothel. While Kibum runs around keeping the staff in line, Jinki greets customers and tries not to get his leg hairs stuck in his stockings. Will they make enough money to satisfy Kibum’s high expectations?

Part 7 of the Suit Series

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