Have some het!Onkey smut :D

“Ah-ah Gwiboon~”

The woman just smiled softly up at him as she pushed the toy harder into him, “What Babe?”

“I thought you were-ah- going to use the strap on.” His face was flushed red, lips puffy from their heated kisses, and hair matted on his forehead.

 She pecked his lips and was incredibly pleased with the sound that came out of Jinki’s lips when she moved the speed higher. Gwiboon had stopped moving her hips to focus on what she was doing with the toy behind her, but she paused in moving the vibrator to make sure his cock was between her legs. “Remember we left it at home? Besides this will be much better Babe.”

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onkey/// this idea came to me right before I fell asleep a 
couple weeks ago and I bolted up in bed to write the idea down
lmao. I don't technically ship onkey but some couples have
dynamics that are just really realistic and cute, y'know? (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)
please do not repost! thank you!!