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Contest entry* onho, um Minho has the power to make anyone do whatever he wishes by just a touch. He loves Jinki, but in the throws of passion he has no control over his power and whoever its with will become a mindless slave basically. He doesn't want that of Jinki no matter if it means never being with the one he loves, but maybe Jinki is immune because he really does love Minho, would do anything for him, so the power doesn't work.. or something

THIS WAS THE EPIC WINNER OF THE PROMPT CONTEST I HAD GOING ON! Good lord, anon, let me know who you are so I can pick your brain some more, okay? Cause I’m pretty sure I could live in it.

Also, I felt a little rusty when writing this for some reason, but I hope you like it >.<

Title: Look But Don’t Touch

Pairing: Onho

Length: 2,197 words, NC-17

A/N: Don’t let the rating fool you, this is honestly one of my fluffier stories (at least I think so)… but there’s still a lotta sex XD


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