I'm working on discourse (1 out of 2 current drafts) about Beth and Daryl having a lot in common, and this just leapt out to me and is making my heart do cartwheels:
  • They both want to see beauty in the world and to protect that beauty.  Daryl has an appreciation of beauty that Beth nurtures because it practically defines who she is. Beth teaches Daryl to understand that beauty doesn’t have to look traditionally beautiful to be worthwhile— like him, like his life. That’s why he looks at her, so stunned, feeling so many feelings, when she asks him to consider the dressed corpses in the funeral home as beautiful.
  • In my opinion, this is probably the number one reason Norman Reedus, who is a studio artist, would ship Bethyl.  Because he knows how important it is for people to appreciate beauty— beauty in all its forms, in artistic and conceptual matters, beauty in meaning and in perseverance and in its “not beauty,” not just a regurgitated, easy sense of beauty based on aesthetically socialized understandings.  
  • Beth thought something that gruesome was beautiful? He wasn’t thinking, “No, I think you’re beautiful.” He was thinking, “Maybe she could think I’m beautiful, too.”

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