anonymous asked:

im a 14 year old girl and I am really confused about my sexuality, I like boys and I sort of like girls. I do not really find girls attractive but I like the thought of being in a relationship with one. I don't know what you would call this and im really confused. sorry to just put all this on you I just need help x

Adzie: Sounds like to me you have more of a romantic attraction towards girls and not necessarily an aesthetic/sexual attraction. Sooo you could be biromantic heterosexual? maybe? I’m not to sure, it’s really for you to figure out and investigate :3

Noah: Okay so attraction can come in many different ways, such as romantic attraction and sexual attraction. With these attractions, you can add your meaningful bit of the label, such as homo or hetero, to the romantic or sexual ending; homosexual/homoromantic or heterosexual/heteromantic.

Liking the thought of being in a relationship with a girl sounds like you are experiencing romantic attraction to them but not sexual attraction. This kinda sounds like the label homoromantic (romantic attraction to same sex) or biromantic (romantic attraction to more than one sex/gender) could suit you. Of course, only you can find the right label for yourself so perhaps look around for something that you think suits you? And don’t worry about it, this is part of the queer duty; to help the new recruits :)