Music videos for Honeymoon!

Lana Del Rey has filmed new music videos for her upcoming album Honeymoon last week! This is a picture of Lana, her sister Chuck Grant and her team on set of a new music video, possibly the lead single’s. Thus, we can conclude that we will hear the first Honeymoon single before or during the first days of The Endless Summer Tour that starts on May 7!

Medical marijuana vote expected Tuesday before going to full Pennsylvania Senate

(PennLive) Medical marijuana advocates were canvassing the Capitol Monday in advance of a vote Tuesday on a legalization measure by a Senate committee.

“There’s a great possibility that we’re going to have it legalized real soon,” said Christy Billett, who delivered a petition with 2,330 signatures to the Capitol. “From what I’ve heard from people on the inside, it’ll get out of committee this week and maybe through the Senate next month and then on to the House.”

Senate Bill 3 is expected to pass the Senate State Government Committee Tuesday, albeit in an amended version that adds several medical conditions and addresses several issues raised by Republicans. If it does, the bill would then go to the Senate Appropriations Committee and, eventually, the full Senate.


Retro Report’s Anatomy of an Interrogation (also posted at the New York Times) is a truly extraordinary piece of reporting about the death of an Afghan farmer as a result of a CIA contractor’s interrogation. The contractor, interviewed for this documentary, is the only person with CIA connections to ever serve time for the consequences of torture. In fact, his punishment may have been part of an effort to make it appear as if the CIA was holding its people accountable in ways it was not. 

‘If you want to stop migrants crossing  the Mediterranean, don’t let them set  foot on land’: Australian PM urges EU to adopt their tough policies… which HAVE proved  a success

  • Tony Abbott insists tough line on migrants is the only way to stop deaths

  • Said army should be deployed to prevent asylum seekers arriving on land

  • He has ordered Australian military to turn back boats carrying migrants

  • Controversial move has seen near-daily arrivals fall significantly, with no reported deaths at sea off the coast of Australia so far this year

This is exactly what I have been proposing and I am very glad that Abbott himself is now reminding our leaders that the only way to stop more migrants from illegally coming and risking their lives is by stopping them and making sure they know that there is no way they’ll get here and get to stay here if they try to enter via boat.

What we need here in Europe is the Australian model, but that first requires our politicians to admit that the boats need to be stopped to prevent more from coming.


The passage of Medicaid expansion in Montana this weekend was an unlikely defeat for the Koch brothers, who came in as heavy favorites and spent a fortune trying to kill the measure. Sadly for the Kochs, poor people in Montana will now get medical care. Montana is the only state where the Kochs got beaten down like this. What is to be learned from this episode?

Americans for Prosperity spent a bundle to defeat Medicaid expansion in Montana. Here’s why they lost

Ben has just been announced as a nomine for the prestigious Ivor Novello Award in the category “Best song musically and lyrically” with I Forget Where We Were alongside Bear’s Den and Hozier! This is his second nomination for an Ivor after his nomination in 2013 for his first album Every Kingdom.

The 60th Anniversary Ivor Novello Awards will take place on Thursday 21st May 2015 at the Grosvenor House, London.

MBLAQ to come back as a 3-member group in June!

MBLAQ’s comeback as a 3-member group is coming closer! The group now consisting of Seungho, G.O, and Mir, are planning to release a new album in June, so not too far away!

If you remember, earlier reports indicated that the comeback may be taking place this month or next, but it seems plans were pushed back a bit for June is now said to be when we can see the boys back on stage.

It’s been said that one of the songs is self-composed by G.O and that Mir also participated in writing the lyrics for their upcoming album.

Arepresentative from J. Tune Entertainment told X Sports News, “MBLAQ is coming back with a new album in June, but the specific details have not yet been decided. G.O and the members helped produce the album.”

Their last release was ’Winter’ back in November, and this new comeback will be the first time the group promotes as 3 members, for Lee Joon and Thunder left after the expiration of their contracts.

cr: allkpop


People of the Internet: You have a little less than four months to emotionally prepare yourself for a Jon Stewart-less “Daily Show.” Stewart announced Monday night that his last official day with the fake news program will be August 4. After that? It’s all Trevor Noah. But the late night host wasn’t going to let the show deteriorate into a complete pile of sadness. He threw around a few jokes to lighten the mood: “I will be wearing a suit,” Stewart said, giving us a taste of what to expect on that last episode. “I will most likely be showered.”

Brace yourselves … the end is near

Astronomers Solve Cold Cosmic Mystery

In 2004, astronomers examining a map of the radiation leftover from the Big Bang (the cosmic microwave background, or CMB) discovered the Cold Spot, a larger-than-expected unusually cold area of the sky. The physics surrounding the Big Bang theory predicts warmer and cooler spots of various sizes in the infant universe, but a spot this large and this cold was unexpected.

Now, a team of astronomers led by Istvan Szapudi of the Institute for Astronomy at the Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa may have found an explanation for the existence of the Cold Spot, which Szapudi says may be “the largest individual structure ever identified by humanity.”

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Goodreads to Add Audiobook Samples

Goodreads is in the process of adding audiobook excerpts to its website. Soon GR members will find free audio samples for 180,000 Audible titles on the book listing pages. Along with the option of reading a sample from the book, GR members can now also listen to an excerpt from the audiobook. The excerpt will (should) play in a pop up window the web browser, and if you like what you hear you can the title to your “want to read” list, or you can head over to Audible and acquire the audiobook directly.