"are we both robbing the same house oh fuck" AU (with a twist)

Steve had just got his gloved hands around the crown jewel— the literal crown jewel— of the mafia boss’ collection when he heard a faint intake of breath. ‘Act first, think later’ was his policy in situations like these, and act, he did. 

Steve spun around, leaving the jewel be for a few precious moments longer, and was faced with someone unexpected. He’d been ready to take down one of the boss’ oversized lackeys, or perhaps one of his girls, not a svelte figure in all black, from it’s ski mask to it’s no-doubt expensive boots.

"Shit," he whispered, unsure of the proper procedure to follow when one encounters another robber while their robbery is in progress.

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Our ability to judge is not for us to raise our chins and look down on others as we ignore our own faults.

Our ability to judge is for us to recognize when others need help and to offer a warm hand for them if they were to ever look for someone who treats them as a human regardless of their mistakes.

When someone is abandoned for their flaws, how do you expect them to change?
Look at every single stranger kindly. Remind them of their Humanity.

you’re scared because you’re standing on the edge of a cliff looking over into the abyss and your own feet have carried you there

you’re scared because the person who might take your life shares your bed and makes you coffee in the morning and looks at you in the mirror and doesn’t like what they see

you’re scared because you’re not fun or easy to be around so no one stays the night and no one holds your hand. by sunset, you’re left all alone with that monster, the one that wants to end it all so bad that it doesn’t even care that it’s taking you along with it

you’re scared because it’s you. that would-be killer, that monster, that serpent in the garden. it’s you and, try as you might, you’re inescapable.

—  what are you so afraid of anyway?