realllllly quick color ref for my moth dude

i’m getting attached to this guy, considering i just doodled him up for offhand nsfw warmups??

fuck. who’s gonna hire me

some nice colors. pomegranate, rust, chartreuse, robins-egg blue, and payne’s grey

(Letter) To Asp


Do not blame me for your poor choices.  If you fall in the midst of your ill-thought crusade, guilt for your presence here will follow me. 

You are not entitled to know everything that goes on in my life, just like how you never told me before you would disappear for months or years in the past.

I’m asking Fey to contact you.  I think she would handle you best right now.

I don’t want you with me, I don’t even want you on this planet.  I don’t want to be worrying over you on top of everything else.

I wish you would have listened.

Damn you and your foolish spite.

-Highlord Blightheart

( aspthedoctor )