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*Smut Warning*

Chris Cerulli/(Y/N) Smut (Requested)

Inspired By: Burned At Both Ends, Motionless In White

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The lights were dim. Tension was in the air. Everyone’s hearts were beating as the spotlight shown on the host of this evening. 

The real question was…who was going to win artist of the year for Kerrang…

This year was sure to be close. It was between the greats and the choice was difficult for fans but we are here now…

“This year’s artist of the year award goes to…” The dramatic voice of the host was bringing all of us to the edges of our seats. “Motionless In White!”

Our whole table was the first to stand and scream. The boys ran up as the crowd went crazy. That was it! My man’s band basically won all of Kerrang!

“Are you proud of me?” Chris’ voice was shot for the night as we silently walked back to our car from the award show’s venue.

“More than proud.” I stopped him by trotting into his path. He smirked down at me. I leaned into his chest, my eyes giving a longing look.

“I know that face.” He mumbled, holding my chin between his index finger and thumb. 

“I want you.” I whispered, ignoring the quiet passing couples that were also leaving to their cars.

Chris kissed me delicately. My body pressed into him as much as it could without toppling us over. As I tried pushing my tongue past, Chris’ teeth nipped and pulled at my bottom lip. 

“You realize I’m going to have my way with you this evening.” His shot voice was nothing but seductive. I could feel myself melting in my panties. I felt my body start to tremble.

The ride in the car was full of tension. I had never seen Chris drive so fast. Perhaps his metal foot was caused by my hand stroking him through his polyester dress pants.

“You’re making it worse for yourself.” Chris teased me up our driveway, his hand attempting to take a pinch at my ass.

“Give me all you got.” I whispered, turning around and finally walking through our garage door to get to the basement. 

Chris slammed it behind him with a devilish look on his face that made my heart beat scatter. They always said satan was the king of temptation, I never knew he’d be incarnated in the one I love…

With a swift movement he had me pinned on the stairs, the front of my dress was balled up in his fist. I heard the tearing begin. His knuckles began to strain but that did not stop him from reaching my skin. My dress was torn…

His teeth hit my neck, sending chills up my shoulder. My body arched into his. It was almost like I could feel the color purple imprinting into my flesh. A low growl bubbled up from his throat.

“You are all mine.” Chris repeated for the millionth time this evening. Something about it wasn’t getting old… I could listen to that sentence every day for the rest of my life.

“Make me cum…please.” I whimpered, my hand trailing up his thigh towards his rock-hard member as we were still only on the stairs. 

An evil chuckle brought Chris above me. I looked up at him as he took of his jacket, loosened his skinny tie, and slowly started to unbutton his shirt. I bit my bottom lip, still swollen and sore from our heated kiss in the parking lot.

I couldn’t wait. I stood up before him, my dress loosely hanging. I ditched the rest of the material and clung to a shirtless Chris. 

“You weren’t lying.” He mumbled as I devoured his flesh between my lips. I left a trail of crimson red kisses down his chest. Whatever was left of my make-up was now on his body.

I gave my own devilish look as I fell to my knees and started un-doing his pants. He stood weakly, ogling over my position with a drunken look on his face.

I took out his veiny member. It throbbed before me as I let my tongue run over his tip and slide into my mouth gently. His fingers tangled into my hair and grabbed hold. I nearly choked but held my ground as I tightened my lips around his shaft. 

“Never mind this mindless foreplay.” He yanked himself from me. “Come here…” Chris smiled and I jumped into his arms, wrapping my legs around his hips. 

He raised me up and slowly slid my body onto him. I felt him shiver, or maybe that was even me…

We stood in the threshold of our garage. Our bodies were trembling and twisting together. His fingers dug into my back as I held my grip on him firmly. My head fell back in ecstasy as he took me at the bottom of the stairs. 

“You’re about to make me fin-” Chris never finished his sentence as the knot in my stomach twisted and exploded into a million tiny fireworks. A relieved look on his face overcame his expression.

“Congratulations on your award.” I breathed heavily as we were still attached. 

“Thank you.” He giggled, his own make-up was now smeared.

the pain we love is taking shape//Ricky Horror

Anonymous said:
Hi :) could make a Ricky Olson from “Motionless in white” sweet one where we are play fighting and then we start to make out a bit “nothing to smutty” then he starts to confess how much I really mean to him, my name is Brooke if you need my name for it but “Y/N” is fine if you don’t do personal names :) thanks xoxo

warning: make out session!!

Ricky had just come home from tour and i was more than happy to see him. “I missed you so much!!” Ricky says, wrapping is tattooed covered arm around me. “I missed you too! I was so lonely.” I say and look up at him making pouty face. “You’re so cute.” he leans over and kisses my forehead. Yes, he’s super short but I’m even shorter. Which make me, the cuddling master! “and you’re so attractive.” i say with a smirk.”and you’re so gorgeous.” He smiles “and you’re very sexy.” i laugh out and wink at him. he makes a funny face and shakes his head, “nope thats you.” “nope! you!!” I argue and soon enough, we were in a very silly argument that neither of us took really seriously. “noo, thats you!” i chuckle and shake my head “no” “yes!” “n-” i was cut off my his lips attacking mine and making me shut up. The cold texture of his lip piercings sent a chill down my spine. My hands tangled his crazy black hair and he picks me up and backs me up against the wall. He finally pulls away from the kiss, breathless. “Y/N, you are so beautiful. these past months have been hell. i hate being so far away from you.” one of his hands make their way to my hair and he starts to play with it. “Y/N, you mean so much to me. it kills me that i can’t have you next to me every day… how did i get so lucky?” his icy blue eyes stare into mine and i can see that he’s being honest. “i love you so much. i’ll never hurt you. i swear.” this is the very first time he’s been like this, and it was emotional for me. “i love you too ricky…” i smile and kiss him softly “so much..”

A/N: i hope you like it!! this is my first imagine and i tried hard.. please give me some feed back!! also don’t forget, requests are always open!!!


Some photos from last night. This is how close I was. 

Chris and I made eye contact :3

Ricky kept coming around their trailer and up to that barrier in the first picture to look at the stage, but I couldn’t catch him. :(

At one point between songs, Chris says “I just wanna fuck every single one of you. We’ll get down there in the mud and *humps air* go to town.”

Another break between songs, everyone is cheering at him while he’s turned around, and he says “Wow, if only the ladies cheered every time I did that. Let me do that again.” and he turns around and purposely flexes his ass. Then he turns back around and says “Can I just pack up all you ladies and take you on the bus? Only if you give good blowjobs, though. But if you’re underage and your mom is with you, please escort her to me, and I will *humps air again* take care of her. I don’t know what that motion was. Guess I was fucking my own hand.”

It was so great.