say something | mikhail & firuz; ft: nahla

Mikhail inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of woods and fresh air, something he wasn’t used to living in New York. He was anxious about the road trip at first, and he was still sort of hesitant, but he was actually having a lot of fun. There was something special about seeing the country with his soulmate and best friends. Yawning, Mikhail stretched his legs out and held his arms in front of him, examining the slight tan he gained from sitting out by the lake. Everyone else was eating or sleeping, except Nahla, who was sitting beside him. He was worried about Firuz, considering he was sort of tense during the drive there. “You think Frizz is alright?” He asked her quietly, peering over at her. “He seemed sort of upset in the car. 


though usually hidden to the human eye, naturally occurring marine biofluorescence can be seen under certain wavelengths of light (like ultraviolet), which causes the cells of the organisms seen here to absorb the light — and some of the photon’s energy — and then emit back a now less energetic light that consequently has a longer wavelength and thus a different colour. (biofluorescence is not to be confused with bioluminescence)  

photos by (click pic) daniel stoupin, alexander semenov, bent christensenlouise murray, and american museum of natural history (click pic for species)


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