Haunted House

"A haunted house, I can’t believe I’m doing this…he’s lucky he’s so cute" I mutter to myself while getting dressed. I’m going on a date with Mikkel, our first date actually. He had suggested a haunted house and I like him so much I just figured I’d suffer through it if thats what he wants to do. Now that it’s actually the day of, I’m a little more apprehensive. Haunted houses have never been my thing, in fact scary movies or activities of that sort in general aren’t my thing.

There’s a knock on the door and when I open it, seeing his smiling face almost calms all my nerves completely. I don’t want him to think I’m a chicken or that I don’t like to have any fun so I’m going to put on a tough face when we get there.
“ready to go?” He asks, grinning, and I nod with a smile so he walks me out to his car.

The haunted house is in an abandoned factory and its far too big and ominous for my taste. As we approach the entrance, I hesitate a little. Mikkel turns around, giving me a quizzical look.
“are you coming?”
“uh…yeah…” I say but don’t move from where my feet are planted on the earth. Mikkel chuckles, seeing my apprehension and he steps back to me, taking my hand
“come on, I’ll be there the whole time” he reassures me and I let him pull me along.

Once we get in there, the halls are narrow and dark, there’s voices and figures that jump out around corners and I’m clutching Mikkel’s arm the entire time, jumping and squealing almost constantly. He makes his presence felt, telling me it’ll be okay and laughing at my reactions every so often. I’m baffled by how he seems to be unaffected and even amused by this whole event but every once I’m a while I see him flinch a little too.

He’s extremely calm, acting very tough and I’m quite impressed by it all, that is, until the last room. It’s pitch black and dead silent. We have no idea where we’re going. Mikkel grabs for my hand and I gasp, making him jump. He squeezes my hand and tries to act like it’s no big deal. Neither of us are expecting it when several hand reach out at us out and screams ring out, causing Mikkel to yell
“what the fuck?!” and then
“gogogo” as he pushes me along. Amazingly, he finds our way out of the dark room in seconds flat and out into the well lit exit.

As soon as we’re out in the light of day, Mikkel is acting completely natural and like he didn’t just yell out any high pitched obscenities, taking my hand and being all strong. I think it’s kind of cute that he’s going to try to be tough. When we sit down in the car he leans his head back on the headrest and lets out a very relieved sounding sigh
“thank god we made it outta there huh?” He jokes
“Mr. Bang…were you…scared?” I tease and at first he acts surprised by the question
“what? Scared? Pshh no” but I give him a look
“alright…so haunted houses aren’t really my thing” he confesses, rubbing the back of his neck
“well they sure as hell aren’t my thing” I scoff, laughing a little and he does so too.
“yeah I noticed”
“so what are we doing torturing ourselves?” I ask him and he blushes
“well…I was nervous ya know, first date and all, so I got some advice from Jack and Danny, they told me you would like it if I could be all protective and strong and that a haunted house was the perfect place” he looks embarrassed and it’s adorable.

"well for the most part, you did a good job. You were very brave" I assure him sweetly and he looks down at his lap with a shy smile. I lean across the center console of the car and gove him a kiss on the cheek, causing his face to turn a darker shade of pink.
“why were you nervous?” I ask, a little confused, he’s always been so confident and relaxed
“I- I don’t know it’s just I wanna make a good impression…I really like you. I’ve never been nervous about someone like this” he avoids eye contact. his hand is on the gear shift but we haven’t moved at all so I rest my hand over his
“you’ve made a great impression, and although it was terrifying, I had a great time being with you” he looks at me now and smiles

"how about some nice calm dinner" he suggests and I happily agree
“that sounds very nice”
“so no horror movie marathon for date number two?” He jokes
“not if you want to get anywhere near lucky” I warn giving him a look and he laughs
“message received” he starts the car and we drive off