Prom Pictures

Nathan was beyond jittery as he got ready for prom. He really wanted to look nice this evening. He was going to have his picture taken over and over, and he was going to be seen by Matt’s side. He had to look good enough to be with him; he didn’t want people questioning their relationship for any other reason. 

Fortunately, his mom seemed to understand his anxieties without him even saying so, and she hired someone to do his hair for him. Nathan sat back and tried to relax as his eyebrows were plucked, his nails were trimmed, his teeth were whitened, and his hair was done up to his mother’s standards. Mrs. Grant was very nice, but she also had a level of appearance that she liked to keep up, and sometimes Nathan fell victim to it. 

Eventually, however, he was ready. He grabbed the boutonniere he had picked out for Matthew from his mini fridge and went to meet his boyfriend outside on the lawn where his mother had a photographer set up to take their picture. Nathan squirmed a little in his trousers until his eyes finally met Matthew’s. 

“Hey, darlin’!” he chirped, all but rushing over to his boyfriend to pull him into a hug. He hadn’t seen him all day (Nathan had figured it would be best to prepare separately) and he latched on to his boyfriend the second he saw him. “You look amazing,” he promised, “Not like a penguin at all.”


So I’ve come to a pretty solid belief that Mary uses poisons to inflict her victims with varying cases of unexpected, violent illness.

Brair’s nickname for her  (which we know she uses traits of the person to give– ike Jermone is Shaggy) is poison tongue.

And then when she comes into the battle we see Lucy go from completely healthy to deeply in pain, out of no where

Gray knows immediately that it has to be Mary hurting Lucy– the fact that ther was no physical contact and no visible attacks brings me to believe “poison tongue” hints at Mary’s magic and that she may be able to transfer invisible, odorless poisons through the air or other means to the victim regardless of distance.

Which brring me to another point;

How did Juvia, a water mage who lived much of her life int he rain, suddenly become ill fro the rain? When Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Wendy find her, there is no redness on her face to hint at her fever. And Yet as soon as she falls, she is suddenly hot and with a fever that Wendy’s healing magic, which has healed much more dangerous ailments, CANNOT HEAL. 

This leads me to believe that Mary has something to do with Juvia’s ailment as well– Juvia became suddenly sick, just like Lucy. 

And then there is the suspicious nature of how Juvia was left out of Jermone’s research, Gray commenting it was incomplete,and why Gray hasn’t commented on her but was distracted by Natsu’s comment on Juvia (surprised and almost didn’t protect himself from Natsu’s punch)..

I am very suspious right now.