Marilyn Monroe’s beautiful hair, those 50’s curls

My latest design piece and first infographic is this filmography of Marilyn Monroe! Prints available soon! Check out my other design work at


Marilyn Monroe will always be my #wcw. Back in her time you didn’t have to be a size 0 to be pretty. Today there is way to much pressure on teen girls to look like a model when in reality you are perfect the way you are. I am happy with who I am and if you don’t like who you are make sure you are changing for yourself and not someone else. #marilynmonroe


Marilyn Monroe poolside on set of the unfinished 1962 film ‘Something’s Got to Give’ 

“ There’s 7 billion people in the world, and I would guess that two-thirds of them wonder if anybody else in the world really fully relates to them. Marilyn was one of those two-thirds. In their heart they wonder does anybody really care an awful lot that I’m here in the now. Marilyn felt like that.”- Julian Myers