why making leo fitz forget everything would be a poor decision

so, in the time since the season finale most of the speculation (and fiction) around Fitz has been to do with him being in a coma and waking up with no memory of the team and of Jemma. Personally I believe this is the worst route they could possibly take with Fitz’s character (as well as being almost Scientifically inaccurate). Full explanation (including science! under the read more)

Firstly, let’s look at what we know.

- His brain was without oxygen for several minutes. We do not know the extent to that, but we can gather he is suffering from Hypoxia/Anoxia. Hypoxia refers to a lack of oxygen in a general or specific area (in Fitz’s case, the brain) and Anoxia is complete and total lack of Oxygen (most severe). Prognosis depends on whether he experienced Hypoxia/Anoxia. I myself am taking the worst case scenario of Anoxia.

- Severe anoxia will result in coma. Longer the coma, more severe the consequences will be on waking. Some patients in a coma can move in to Persistent Vegetative State. They are highly unlikely to ever to achieve higher functions above a vegitative state. But considering comments by Iain and other cast members I don’t think this is likely.

- Anoxia can have several consequences that all depend on the severity of the condition. Several specific brain areas are more vulnerable to Anoxia leading to some distinct characteristics.

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 2 promo.

When we were here a year ago, people were asking “Is Iron Man going to be on the show? Is the Hulk going to be on the show?” and now what they’re asking us is “Is that Skye’s father?” or “Why was Coulson writing on the walls” or “What happened to Fitz? Did he make it through?” and those questions are about characters that we’ve come to know and love and that for me is mission accomplished. People are now interested in the Agents OF Shield.
—  Jeph Loeb @ SDCC14 on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. place in the MCU