Top 5 the enamored Louis’ faces

1 When hearts are flying over his head, because Harry did something nice in an interview.

2 When his future is literally before his eyes. His husband and child.

3 When they talk about marriage and children.

4 When Harry catches the eye of Louis. Or in other words, when Louis notes that Harry was looking at him.

5 When Harry contorts funny face.

ask-unknownsoldiers said:

"Hey! Stop hitting me with pillows!" ((Arrow and LT))

"C’mon, Louie! What’s the magic word?" Arrow sing-songed as he lobbed pillows at Lieutenant. Where they’d come from or how he’d gotten all the pillows was a secret Arrow would likely take to the grave. LT probably wouldn’t send him to the grave, but getting a reaction out of the stoic mech was the goal for this particular interaction. That, and Shadowflight had said he should work on his aim…

Being as annoying as possible and shirking real work were fringe benefits.

He lobbed the cushions at anyone unwary enough to cross his path, and so far it had been a grand old time. Maybe Louie would actually get pissed…

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Louis’ got these boys wrapped around his finger.