#I just want to see Harry and Louis have a really stupidly domestic argument #where harry is like #’babe I asked you to just pick up some milk on the way home, why don’t we have any milk’ #and louis kicks off his vans right in harry’s path knowing he will trip over them later #just like he does everyday like clockwork #’I don’t know H does it really matter’ #’yes it matters lewis’ #’how am I supposed to make the dessert for Gemma’s garden party, it’s not like we can show up empty handed’ #and louis rolls his eyes and grumbles to himself but 2 hours later he is trudging into tesco to pick up the damn milk #because if harry isn’t happy #louis isn’t happy #and if louis isn’t happy #the whole damn world is sad

Hi ! Last week was ”Week with Peter Hollens” on my blog. Write in the comments bellow who should be in next week:

  • Pentatonix
  • Dia Frapmton
  • Tyler Ward
  • Eppic
  • The Piano Guys
  • John Legend…

Or maybe with Gavi, Drew, her sister… Write your suggestions in comments :)


#QuoteofTheDay by @LindseyStirling ”Dance like no one’s watching, because not all of us can dance and everyone wants to dance!” #inspirational #whatstrending

Thanks @lindseystirling for stopping by yesterday and taking our Disney princes quiz! Keep an eye out for the video tomorrow! #disney #princess #lindseysterling #whatstrending