"People ask me why I love derby. This picture shows the team that lost the championship game in the World Cup. Yes, the losers in a dogpile celebrating.
They lost by more than 100 points.
They never got close enough to even think they could win.
They took on a team that had scored 3000 more points than their opponents in the tournament.
Yet, they celebrate.
This is Team England.
They scored more points than any team ever had against their opponent.
They scored more points than all their opponents’ opponents did in the entire tournament… Combined.
These women celebrated without limits.
They were proud of their effort.
They received a standing ovation.
They were the losers.
But, in derby, sometimes the final score does not tell the story.
It cannot measure the heart of a derby player.
It can not measure the passion with which every single player approaches even one practice.
These women don’t get paid a dime… In fact, most pay for the privilege of leaving blood, bruises, and tears on the track.
So the next time you want to complain that your team is overpaid, have too many egos, or complain about playing time… Remember this picture of a bunch of losers, who won over everyone’s hearts.
And that, is why I love roller derby.
Please share with someone who does not understand the world we love, or just someone who thinks the world is just passing them by.
And support derby, no matter the level.”

- John Horton

This is Roller Derby!