1. it’s okay to say no! oh my god, it’s powerful and humbling! isn’t it? it is. very kind.
  2. being scared is healthy sometimes. most of the time. keepin it movin
  3. i think you’d be a morning person if you gave yourself the chance. being healthy is cool.
  4. your cat really loves you. isn’t that awesome? 
  5. there isn’t enough time for everything and thats terrifying and exhilarating all at once 
  6. don’t be so comfortable in knowing yourself. 
  7. i love you very much even if you aren’t at your best all the time. totally unconditional. even when you’re being a butt. i understand. i give you time. here is time. grow. 
List of Shows Suggested to Me

Making a list of all the fantabular shows my rexes are sending me to watch so I can remember them.



Ally McBeal

- Arrow

- Bates Hotel

- Being Human (BBC)

- Bitten

- Black Books

- Black Butler

- Breaking Bad

- Charmed

- Criminal Minds

- Downton Abbey

- Faerie Tale Theatre

- Gravity Falls

- Hemlock Grove

- Hustle

- Leverage

- Melissa and Joey

The Mentalist

- Outlander

- Star Trek

- Terminator SCC

- Wander Over Yonder

- White Collar

- Witches of East End


Opinions on any of these shows? Have a show for me to watch? Feel free to send all that over, my rexes.



Sweet on ΑΧΩ Sayings: 

  • All the Bros Love A CHI O’s
  • Couldn’t Say No to A Chi O
  • Desire the Lyre 
  • Wear a Bow & Join A-Chi-O
  • Alpha Chi Till I Die
  • Keep Calm & Seek the Heights 
  • Come on Baby, Light My Lyre
  • Wanna Go, Gotta Go, A Chi O
  • How Sweet it is to be ΑΧΩ
  • So Fly with Alpha Chi
  • There’s Only One Way to Go - A CHI O
  • With Lyres & Pearls, We’re the Greatest of Girls
  • Sassy & Classy ΑΧΩ

from: Sayings By Chapter for the 26 NPC Sororities 

Uranus in the houses:

The first: Rebellion in oneself

The second: Rebellion in values and possessions

The third: Rebellion in communication

The fourth: Rebellion in family and the home

The fifth: Rebellion in creativity and love affairs

The sixth: Rebellion in daily tasks, jobs and duties

The seventh: Rebellion in relationships and partnership

The eighth: Rebellion in the underworld, the occult and death

The ninth: Rebellion in higher learning, philosophy and travel 

The tenth: Rebellion in public image and careers

The eleventh: Rebellion in society and humanitarian services

The twelfth: Rebellion in the subconscious, solitude and the unknown

- Uranus is originality and the awakener. It has the ability to make you feel like an outsider in that particular field of experience, but also allows us to break through restriction. 

1- Kapital - Karl Marx
2- Aylak Adam - Yusuf Atılgan
3- Devlet - Platon
4- Suç ve Ceza - Fyodor Dostoyevski
5- İnce Memed - Yaşar Kemal
6- Dönüşüm - Franz Kafka
7- İnsanlar Arasındaki Eşitsizliğin Kaynağı Üzerine - Jean Jacques Rousseau
8- Küçük Prens - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
9- Nutuk - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
10- Martin Eden - Jack London


Favorite female characters - part one

When creating this list I tried to pick women who either led the film or were there as more than just romantic/sexual interests. I know some people may raise their eyebrows at the inclusion of Lt. Ibanez but the reason I included her is because she went after her dream instead of allowing herself to be tied down by a relationship and I found that to be a very empowering message when I was young.

From top to bottom:

Ryan Stone - Gravity
Lisbeth Salander - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Ellen Ripley - Alien/Aliens
Selma Jezkova - Dancer In The Dark
Lt. Carmen Ibanez- Starship Troopers
Marge Gunderson - Fargo
Laurie Strode - Halloween
Hayley Stark - Hard Candy
The Bride - Kill Bill
Evey - V For Vendetta

*Despite being the lead most of these women get second billing to their male costars and freaking Frances McDormand is so far down the cast credits list that you actually have to click on a second page to see her name on IMDB.

anonymous said:

any new muke cuddles? scratch that, any new cuddle fics with any ship

i dunno if by “new” you mean you read all the ones in the Cuddling tag? if not there it is and theres a good few in there.


Here In Your Arms

Promise Me You’ll Stay

Everything I Didn’t Say - this might already be in the tag but i love it so much

Thread My Fingers Through Your Hair - omg me! this literally happens to me

lazy lover, find a place for me again


this clock stopped at 3:07 -fave yo

Say My Name And Every Color Will Illuminate

We Don’t Kiss and Tell - <3

I’m a walking travesty but I’m smiling at everything

So sweet you’ll get a toothache

okay i literally just went to the 5sos fandom section on ao3 and like narrowed my search down to muke and then typed cuddles in the additional tags? so if you want more you can do that bc this list is getting hella long


  1. THE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLEN POEHere’s a link to all his stories and poems. His macabre and dark approach to writing has touched many across the globe
  2. THE WORKS OF H.P LOVECRAFTAnother gothic writer whose style is both suspenseful and vivid
  3. THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOWAnother classic, beware of the headless horseman 
  4. THE TURN OF THE SCREW: A tale about a governess who becomes convinced that she and her charges are being stalked by ghosts.
  5. THE MONKEY’S PAWYou probably have heard of this one. Be careful what you wish for. 
  6. THE LOTTERY: It might not seem like a horror story, but once you realize what’s happening you will definitly be horrified. If you don’t understand here’s a site that will clear some things up
  7. WHERE ARE YOU GOING, WHERE HAVE YOU BEENAbout a 15 year old girl’s encounter with a threatening but charismatic stranger. A popular dark tale.
  8. THE SIGNAL MANBy Charles Dickon’s, a railroad worker tells the story of a ghost that seems to appear to him as a premonition of some horrible railway tragedy
  9. THE MORTAL IMMORTALMary Shelley may have been known for Frankenstein, but here’s another dark tale by her. It’s the story of a man who wants to play God, but finds his sanity is the price
  10. THE WOMAN IN BLACKYou probably have heard of the movie, but read the classic story behind it. Whenever she is seen, a child dies. 

BONUS: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier: I read this for my Gothic Literature class in high school. I loved it. A dark novel with plenty of twists to keep you on the edge. 

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favorite tv shows

• The Syrupranos
• It’s Always Sunny Side Up in Philadelphia
• 24/7
• CSI: Cheesy Sandwich Ideas
• Bacon Bad
• The West Chicken Wing
• Two and Half Eggs
• South Pork
• Friday Night Bites
• Sit & Order
• Doctor Who
• The Eggs-Files
• Firefry
• Denny’s Diner 90210
• The Walking Bread
• Mighty Morphin Pancake Puppies
• Eating with the Stars
• Denny’s Agents of B.A.C.O.N.
• Glee
• Eg, Egg n Eggy