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Although we said u gained some weight and the buttons on ur shirt r going to come off, we r actually very happy indeed because at least it meant u had eat ur food on time and u took care of urself, and we all love ur chubby face~ ur baby face was so cute.


We took a few groups shots when the fan meeting was getting closer to the end, and we all held out posters in the air so the camera could include everything. The lighting was kinda dark so the stuff adjusted the lighting for the pic. Jung Suk took group shots with all of us in three directions. He was waiting on the side of the stage when the stuff was changing the lighting, and he saw all the same posters in the air. He was very touched and I saw tears in his eyes. I hope I could see him like this in the near future.

我一直觉得他是一个很暖的明星 觉得自己不够好而被喜欢着更是羞涩 这一天追下来真是这样的感觉 他一直照顾着随处可见的饭 却明明生性冷淡 记得他在台上回答如果不做演员会做什么 他说会去网吧工作 因为那是个只做自己的事情也不会被觉得奇怪的地方 性格上的两极差异 是他于我而言最大的魅力。

I think he is a very sweet and charming actor. He thinks he isn’t good enough to be loved by so many fans, so he is shy all the time. I get the same feeling of him after the fan meeting. He takes care of fans and he tries very hard to remember those fans who are always around him, even though he is a very shy person indeed. He answers the question(what job would u do if u r not an actor)by saying he will work in a cybercafe. Because that is a place that won’t make him feel awkward even he goes there alone. I just love the difference between his real personality and the other characteristics in the roles that he played.

说几点我印象最深的地方吧:当你听到现场饭说音量太小时你调高自己了的声调 当你抽奖时你把手放在箱子里搅拌了很久 当你空闲时你会不时摆几个很萌的pose(你说你愿意为饭卖萌 因为他们喜欢)当你和饭互动时你拥抱了每一位饭(这其实没人要求你这样)当你piupiu 摆pose 合影时你照顾了每个方位。

These moments were very memorable: 

1)When you heard fans were saying the volume was too small, you tried to speak louder so everyone could hear you. 

2)You stirred the name tags in the box for such a long time.

 3)You did so many cute poses for fans when you were not speaking(u said that u love doing poses for fans because they enjoyed it) 

4)u hugged every single fans that got on the stage, even though nobody requested it .

5)U did the “Piupiu” pose to all the directions and multiple times, so every fans could see it. 

He looked all the directions and tried to cover all the fancams and the cameras when the host was talking during the media conference. the host asked him “u r doing the cute poses/faces to which cam?” he said he was trying to cover and show cute faces to all the fan cam~ and the host tried to let him to another one in front of the camera, but he said no cuz he was going to save some for the fan meeting(lol..). Actually being cute and make adorable faces in front of the cam could be still a little bit awkward for him, even though he had so many fan meetings already. He always tried to do as many as possible cuz he knew fans love to take pics of his cute looking face.

He said hi and waved to every direction on the fan meeting whenever he heard fans shoutout his name. The volume was not very loud even after the stuff adjusted all the mics, so he tried to speak louder so everyone could hear him. He did so many cute faces just like he always do. During the game session, he picked a lot of fans on different stands but only one fan got picked from the vip area when he was drawing the names out of the box. so the host let him do it again, and he stirred all the name tags for a very long time in the box and then he finally got the name tag of another fan from the vip area, then he was satisfied for the result. 

he also picked a girl who held a poster from the vip area by himself, he said that he knew this girl was following him from the airport to the hotel wiz the same poster, and he noticed it. The girl gave him a bracelet as a gift and he put it on immediately. He hugged every single girl that got on the stage, and he talked very nicely to each one of them, even though we all knew that he was very shy in person. When all the fans put their posters in the air, he asked the stuff to adjust the lighting so he could see everyone, and he was sitting on the side of stage while he was waiting for the camera to be ready. Then he saw all the posters, he was very touched. He took individual group shot wiz fans from different stands so everyone could be in the pic wiz him.
he didn’t want to leave in the end so he stood on the stage for a very long time, and he made another cute face before the screen cover up..

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