"Work hard and make good memories. That’s what stays longest" — #Reply1997

Yey! Finished watching this within 2 days! 💕☺️ Having reunions and thinking about their 90s, such a heartfelt and nostalgic k-drama. Haha! I can pretty much relate at how Shiwon fangirls over her idol—except the stalkery-fangirling-type. 😅 Haaa~ I’d like to watch this again in the future and reminisce uabout the past ☺️

#SeoInGuk #JungEunJi #LeeHoya #ShinSoYul #EunJiWon


에릭남 (Eric Nam) - 우우 (Ooh Ooh) (Feat. 호야 of 인피니트) MV