Doing an anti-blizzard dougie for the snow gods #prayforme

Happy Announcement!!!

It’s a new month, and This Saturday (August 9th) is the second Saturday of the month. Oh man, it’s here already!!! Where is the time going?

For those of you who follow our blog avidly, you will know that means it’s Tiny Chat Saturday!!!!!

Our rules are the same, there will be NO NUDITY, NO ALCOHOL USE, and NO DRUG USE while on camera.


This chat is 18+ ONLY, since it’s our blog rule AND Tiny Chats rule. 


The room will be password protected this time, we will post the link to the room AND the password 15 minutes before the beginning of the Tiny Chat session. 

It will be held at 10pm EST. If you don’t know what time that will be in your time zone PLEASE do a google search and check for yourself. 

Caregivers, littles, ABDLs, and any one in the Caregiver/little dynamic is welcome!!! All we ask is that you please do not use this opportunity to “hook up” with a little. It’s ok to hold conversations but do not cross a line.

Also if you are in the room and someone messages you inappropriately PLEASE inform us so that we can ban them from the room.

We have a 1 strike and your out policy. Once you are banned you will be banned permanently. 

Because of a glitch last time with someone getting banned who shouldn’t have been we cleared our ban list. But we will not hesitate to ban anyone who breaks our rules.

This is meant to help people make friends and enjoy an evening of like minded folks. 

Hate of any kind or kink shaming will NOT be tolerated.

-The Playground-