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Little Black Dress - Pasadena, California, US - September 13, 2014.

clavisa said:

Sequel request for Gigi/Lydia and Bea+Hero crossover!

(Continuation of this fic. Also set in the same universe as this fic. Yeah, Pedrazar kinda took over this universe. Sorry not sorry.)

After Balthazar sang “An Ode,” he told the story of how, three years ago, he had a concert in his hometown of Messina, and how his impromptu performance of this song at the very end of that concert had brought him back together with the love of his life after nine years apart…

"…and now, there’s a question I want to ask that person—a question I want to ask you, Pedro,”—Lydia shared excited glances with Gigi, Bea, and Hero down the row from her, and saw Pedro staring slack-jawed at the stage—“Will you marry me?”

The whole audience was silent as Pedro rose and walked up to the stage, holding back both laughter and tears, and, unable to speak, just pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket and showed Balthazar the ring he’d planned on proposing with later that night.

Balthazar burst out laughing when he saw it, and behind them, a backup singer leaned in toward her mic and said, “This doesn’t surprise me at all, they practically share a brain.”

Pedro slid the ring on Balthazar’s finger and they kissed to riotous applause from everyone in the house. Lydia, pausing a moment from her enthusiastic cheering (with a few double-fingered whistles) to look at Gigi, and seeing the tears streaming down her wife’s face, took her hand, rubbing a thumb along her wedding band, and had to admit to feeling a bit misty-eyed herself.


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Little Black Dress - Pasadena, California, US - September 12, 2014.