Kpop fans MUST understand and realize that each and every single time you condone or defend or “pledge to support no matter what” an idol’s offensive actions, you’re doing far more harm to them by enabling their disgusting behaviour which only leads to more of it than what calling them out, telling them why it’s wrong, and forcing them to smarten up would.


Lay, Chen - 140918 CCTV editor’s weibo update: “@努力努力再努力x 真的是暖男一枚,照完相还说姐姐小心被太阳晒黑了,注意休息什么的[好棒] 成了我见过的明星里暖男一位了,chen也是各种被夸到彬彬有礼。不过这个本该很严肃的同期稿,真是莫名戳中笑点,是不是写不出来으르렁啊~ 近五十分钟的原片被剪辑到四分多钟真是挺可惜,剩下的部分我私人保存~”

Translation: “Zhang Yixing is no doubt a warm-hearted man, even telling big sister to take care from the sun’s rays, take a rest etc after taking a photo, he has became the most warm-hearted of all the idols I’ve met, Chen has also received praised in many areas. This supposedly serious script has weirdly turned funny, is it that you can’t write Growl out~ The original clip that’s close to fifty minutes have been cut to around four minutes, what a pity, I’ll keep the cut out parts privately~”

Credit: lier不是liar.

[140918 KBS STAFF WEIBO UPDATE] Zhang Yixing is really a warm-hearted guy. He even told Jiejie to take care of her skin to not be burned by the sun after taking the photo, also by adding to pay attention to health and have more rest. Among the artists I have met, he has become the topnotcher of being the most warm-hearted people. Chen was also there as for being polite to everyone. The episode was supposed to be serious but it came funny, inexplicably. Was it because you couldn't write Growl (으르렁)~ It's a pity that the video clip of 50 minutes long was cut for 4 minutes only. Anyway, I will keep the rest of the parts to myself~

cr. lier不是liar