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i’m starting a #TEENTOP #Missing 30 Second Video Challenge in the hopes of garnering more attention for TEEN TOP’s new MV “Missing”

all of you who watch this, YOU’RE IT! =DD i didn’t want to tag too many people so the chain can continue on, but you are more than welcome to start your own chain!

don’t forget to WATCH, COMMENT, and LIKE the official MV

140920 Teen Top @ Show Champion Backstage #2 Show-Off Camera

full translations under the cut, watch the video here. part 1 here

Ljoe: Hello! I’m Teen Top’s L.Joe! Teen Top has received the show-off camera. We’ll do our best!
Ricky: Hwaiting!
Ljoe: Yes, Chunji!
Chunji: Yup
Ljoe: Tell us the top 3 most ‘not easy’ moments of your life
—Asking Teen Top: The top 3 most ‘not easy’ moments of my life
Chunji: My top 3 is… Not being able to remove my make-up is really not easy

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