[2014.09.19]ARENAPLUS Vol.1 ~

Prior to coming here they had chosen beforehand their favorite goods. The members of BOYFRIEND has brought nonoverlapping distinctive items. An introduction to each favorite point is given.

A perfume, and among them and very recently I like RALPH LAUREN “BLUE EDT”. It raise my mood and is refreshing, it’s essencial before going to stage. For me, this fragance makes me happy.

I saw this wallet on display in a departament store, “This is what the money is for” for instinct, I immediately went there and bought it. hehe I really like that there’s no other pattern like it.

When I travel, I really don’t like to use other tootbrush rather than mine. After eating, of course, I clean my teeth before meeting the fans. As I am an artist, I want them to be as cleanest as posible.

Sometimes I have swollen eyes for allergic conjunvtivitis. So I always ask the doctor to prescribed me some eye drops. It is so comfortable for the eyes because it is liquid such as the composition of the tears.

I don’t really like the rain. When rain falls, I always have an umbrella in the bag. I put more enphasis in the size of the umbrella rather than the pattern. I like it to be small and compact.

I never miss a day taking multi vitamins, I take them once a day. Besides, also a supplement that improves liver function and ingestion. I can also drink protein for the body as a replacement for training.

Cr: ongakusenkasha (picture) | higutei (interview)

Trans by me ;D @-}—


<No.218> Boyfriend Kwangmin Support / Drama Magic Thousand Character Classic support  snack car tteokmo food truck ~

In the Magic Thousand Yirang shooting, this is for Japanese fans support from Boyfriend Kwangmin. While been reciving mail from 50 Japanese fans we proceed to check the support a month ago. Finally today Boyfriend Kwangmin came to visit. We created a mini banner.

The child actors were staring curious the food truck. Soon they noticed the delicious feeling from the vehicle door opened. A dessert table support has been disposed. 

Delicious Tteokbokki, eomug (fish cake), sundae, fries, susesoseji (washed sausages) and tteokmo rice burger!

Does he looks so handsome? kekekeke Kwangmin looks really handsome taking the certification photos. Also taking pictures with their child actors co-stars.

Cr: kfoodtruck | Trans by me ;D