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So, Juvia’s bad feeling:

Mashima has a way of bring up things and making us forget about them until he brings them back up to shock us— or overshadowing the foreshadow with something else major. Juvia’s bad feeling has been severely overlooked and after analyzing the chapters, I think I know why.

We think of the scene and we remember ‘I’m with you’. We forget that Juvia had a bad feeling. It is brought up a few times, but we focus on the major ‘I’m With You’, because that is what we have to cling to.

The fact of the matter is that Juvia’s bad feeling has not been resolved. 

Gray and Silver has been resolved, so the fear dealing with Gray is gone. 

Fairy Tail has gained the upper hand. Natsu and Gajeel, Sabertooth, Erza defeating Minerva, Dranbolt and Wendy solving Face. 

The only character in a position to have something bad happen is Juvia.

Juvia’s bad feeling is about herself.

Juvia has chosen to take the backseat in her fight to learn more about Gray. Keith, somehow, is highly involved in the Gray and Silver altercation— he can “see” the calamity tearing Gray apart and he is not just telling Juvia these things to distract her because there has yet to be a serious passing of blows. He is filling Juvia in on what he expects Gray to do. 

Meaning Keith is involved in the plot against Gray. 

Since Silver is not Deliora, and Keith can control the dead (as hinted by the Demon King, call him a Necromancer), it is highly likely he is controlling Silver; but even if he isn’t, that doesn’t change the fact that Keith is a huge player in all of this. He is highly in control of many major points in this; Face is being controlled by him via the Chairman. He is involved in Silver/Gray. He appeared to deal with Lucy.

And now, in Mashima’s own way, he is effectively trapping Juvia. As we have continued the chapters, there has been less and less of Natsu and Gajeel who are fighting their battle together, no concern for Juvia. Lucy wants to help Natsu and Gajeel, not Juvia. Juvia is listening to find out more about Gray, and Keith is continuing to push her further from the team— less and less of them shows that they are less and less involved, because they are moving further and further away.

Gray is going to fall into the calamity. Keith is explaining this to Juvia. Gray is totally in control of himself at the moment.

Juvia’s bad feeling is still there.

Keith’s goal in all of this is to draw Juvia away; the Gray and Silver issue may be completed, but since Juvia’s pretty much nonexistant fight was mirrored with Gray’s (which went way too easily for all the build up), I can’t help but think Gray will be involved in hers and that his pain is not over yet.

Juvia’s bad feeling is about Juvia— Keith is trapping her, luring her with Gray’s fight and warning her of what seems to be his own plan for what will happen to him— but it hasn’t.

Because Juvia is key to whatever Keith has planned for Gray. He is going to use Juvia to bring about Gray’s calamity. 

Juvia said she didn’t understand her bad feeling, it was different. Gray is the only one who knows about it. How should Juvia know her bad feeling is about her, and how she will be involved in breaking Gray?

I’m seriously worried for her. I’m scared for Gray. Gray’s part in this is not over, and neither is Juvia’s. Things are just beginning. There has been too much build up to be completed that quickly.

Gruvians, we best be prepared.