Coming Home From Work - Kendall and Kids 25 future

Kendall had to stay a little later then she thought at work because of a new batch paperwork to get through. Alex had a date with her wife and Kendall forced her partner to go and let her finish up. Once she was done, she drove straight home. She walked in through the front door expcting to see her oldest daughter Lexie like she always did. “Sorry I’m late. I had a bunch of paperwork to get through.”

rworomeo asked:

I think the LoK fandom needs a friendly reminder that their american show was not and will never be the first cartoon with a lesbian couple at the end ;)

Heh, well, I wouldn’t want to pick a fight with the LoK fandom! And I think that questions of “first” and such aren’t as important as seeing positive instances of representation in the mainstream culture.

That said… our lady pair is very cute, and I think that anyone who likes the LoK pairing would enjoy Simone and Julie.

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Comincia con la neve, la storia che parla di te. Ho provato a farla cominciare in tanti altri modi. L’ho fatta cominciare con il caldo, con la luce, in un altro paese – più selvatico, più sporco, più povero – in un altro letto, non in questo. Ma ogni volta uno zoom mi riporta a quella casa nella parte più degradata della città e a quella notte buia e gelida in cui ci siamo baciati per ore, io e te, baci feroci che hanno colto tutti e due alla sprovvista, sbucati dal nulla e proseguiti finché il cielo è schiarito e noi ci siamo addormentati… Comincia con la neve… e con una perla.
—  Julie Myerson, Julie Susan Pike

Things You Could Do During The Holiday Season

By: Valerie

Winter break is almost there, finally! I have listed some activity ideas below. Do them yourself, with a friend, or with a family member, and don’t forget to have lots of fun!

Ice skating 

This is one of my favorite things to do during this time of the year. If you’re lucky and the temperature drops, you might be able to go ice skating outdoors! Find a canal or a lake, call your friends, and have a fun frosty day. Don’t forget to grab some hot chocolate afterwards to warm your hands.

Lazy days

Having lazy days is the best way to get some energy back in your body. After Christmas you’re probably exhausted from all the eating and opening presents, so have a lie-in the morning after. Have breakfast in bed and stay in your PJ’s all day. Catch up on your favorite series or your favorite youtubers and have a bath. It’s time to relax!

Christmas shopping

Some of you will have all your presents ready and wrapped underneath the Christmas tree, but for some of you there’s still some shopping to do! Don’t leave it till last minute, do it now! All the stores will have their window displays festively decorated and all the streets are filled with fairy lights, this will get you in the Christmas spirit. If you’re kind of stuck and you don’t know what presents to get, don’t forget to check out Rebecca’s article: The Ultimate Girls Gift-Guide. Don’t forget to treat yourself with a nice warm jumper or a cute dress! 


This is the perfect time to transform your kitchen into a baking world. You can do this by yourself, but it’s way more fun to invite some friends. You can find a ton of Christmas themed recipes online. Get all the ingredients you need and start baking. You could blast your favorite Christmas songs (or any song you like) whilst baking, it’ll be so much fun! The best part is you get to eat everything that you’ve baked afterwards. 

Go to a light festival 

Almost all big cities have these during the Holiday Season. A light festival is a festival with lights. A part of a city or maybe the whole city is decorated with all sorts of lights. You can also do lots of fun activities and there will be many food stands. Search for your local festival on Google or Facebook. Most of the festivals are free so give it a chance!

Lots of love!

Photographer: Julie