askvalerieandjaphet said:

OOC: I'unno if you'll ever read this, but I heard one of your audio posts and it broke my heart knowing Pablo was still waiting for Valerie. I still have the image freshly imprinted in my mind of him sitting there on the library's roof still calling out for his brother who will never come.

OOC: Course I’ll read it c:, I try to read every ask i get, which is literally about 7 in total haha! I’m really glad you enjoyed it ^ u ^
Speaking of which I need to get started with doing Japhets transformation scene. Hehe.
But yeah, it always struck me as all the more heartbreaking because that whole scene can be skipped if you don’t go back to that zone. Some people wouldn’t even know the Judge’s sorrow in passing of his brother.
And well it was sad enough in the game ;;

I feel as though Meg Turney is going to be the sole reason Gavin will survive into normal human expectancy. Let’s face it, without her, Gavin would probably jump off a building with cheap cartboard eagle wings because Geoff told him he was actually Icarus or something.