So I’m toying around with Mobile Chrome Apps, which is a fancy wrapper for HTML/CSS/JS that lets you easily deploy as iOS and Android apps.

After a couple false starts earlier, I got the `cca push –watch` command working, so I can make changes to the HTML and see them instantly on my android phone without rebuilding the project. I can also actually build the project and it spits out an apk file and installs it to my phone automatically.

This is really cool stuff, and maybe it means I’ll be publishing games to the Google Play Store at some point :D

I wish we could go back to the 1950’s. Those were the good old days.
—  a cishet white man or his extremely misinformed cishet white wife

It still baffles me when people claim Marijuana to be so dangerous because of other holidays that end alcohol related violent incidents and people being reckless…meanwhile today I’ll most likely fall asleep eating a bag of Doritos

You know what?
Fuck this idea of romance. Fuck the ‘need’ to have someone in order to feel like you’re worth something.
We’re all worth something, every single fucking one of us. We deserve to live. Take a bath, read a nice book. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the rain. Treat yourself the same way you’d want your lover to treat you. Fuck waiting for the day when our needs are satisfied by someone else. Make yourself feel special as fuck. You are special as fuck. And don’t stress about having no one. You’ll find someone one day. Until then, love yourself. You fucking deserve it.