Jonghyun Shares Story Behind Running into Hollywood Actor Jack Black at the Airport

It happened at an airport—not even Incheon International Airport, but Gimpo Airport. A foreigner who was wearing sunglasses approached me and asked ‘Are you a rock star?’ It seemed like he was very curious, so I was having a conversation with him to use the opportunity as a way to make SHINee known, when he told me that he was also a rock star. He was wearing sunglasses so I still didn’t know [who he was].

Who would think that they would meet Jack Black at Gimpo Airport and not even Incheon Airport? So I asked him 'What’s your name?’ He told me [his name is] Jack Black as he took off his sunglasses. I said 'Are you Jack?!’ and at that moment, all of the [SHINee] members ran over [to us].

Jonghyun also left a message for the Hollywood actor, saying “If you come to Korea again, please use SNS [to make it known]!

Source: soompi / youtube

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i love how idols’ sexy selcas and provocative stuff they post on sns get huge attention but when jonghyun supports campaign against child abusing through twitter no kpop website is interested to mention this