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Silently sitting on the sofa inside Hoseok’s house while watching a horror movie is something comfortable to do with him especially when his parents are out like now however you can’t hear any of Hoseok’s girly screams and girly gestures like before as you watch the dreadful scenes getting played. You took a guess, his eyes are on the television but you knew his mind is somewhere else as he gulps continuously on his eleventh can of alcohol while his eyes narrowed on the screen.

For you, you can’t even focus on yourself or the movie since Hoseok is acting weird. He would normally turn down alcoholic drinks when you try to recommend them for the reason that he doesn’t drink or he hates it but now, he’s probably the one who bought it. “Hope, are you okay?” You asked him as softly as you can, calling out his nickname that you had given him, trying your best to not irritate him but you got no answer after a few seconds.

A deep sigh escaped your lips as you stared back at the television screen, understanding that Hoseok needs some personal space and a friend needs to give it to him if needed. As the movie progresses, you still can’t feel the hype but you could feel Hoseok’s piercing gaze that made you look at him as you raise a brow as an automatic response of bare curiousness to his actions.

An eye contact is being held between the two of you and as soon as you felt the atmosphere getting awkward since no one’s talking, you made an attempt to look away and turn your head back to the screen however before you could do it fully your face is held by his hand stopping you from your movement. Before you could even ask him what’s the matter, a wave of nervousness crept inside you when you realized that Hoseok is too close that you could smell the scent of the alcohol filling your nose, too close for the liking of your trembling heart.

Hoseok stared at your eyes gently then his sight went down on your lips. He bit his lips ever so seductively while eyeing yours before his brown eye stared at yours again. He places some strand of your hair behind your ear while you just sat there, breathless at his mere presence. Hoseok pressed his lips against yours gently, you’re eyes widened in slight shock knowing that Hoseok is a gentle man; he must’ve been consumed by the liquor to make him do such bold actions.

Not going to lie, deep inside you, you liked it, like it so much that you want for more but Hoseok being Hoseok instantly filled your conscience with guilt, you should not take advantage of him just because he’s drunk even if deep inside you it’s hard to stop the longing and lingering feeling for him. “Hoseok,” you whispered between his kisses before slightly pushing him away against your will.

“You’ll regret it,” you say as you look at him in the eyes, searching for his real intentions but you found none except of his caring stare that you have always loved. “How do you know if we won’t try?” Hoseok asked boldly. “Hope, you’re just saying this because you’re drunk,” you tried to make him understand but he just smirked at you. “No,” he stated plainly. “Hoseok, I said no, you’ll regret it,” you replied. “Then I shall regret it but you must make me regret first,” he said. “Why would I make y–?” Hoseok’s lips sealed your before you could even respond.

His eyes are closed. He slowly worked his lips against yours and you can’t help but fall right into his spell just by looking at his face with closed eyes and lips that is kissing you so passionately slowly drawing you into his trap. Hoseok dropped the can he had been holding all this time to let both his hand cup your face, trying to deepen the kiss. Moments later, you just find yourself kissing him back, knowing that he may regret it later you just can’t stop.

Hoseok pushed you back on the sofa so he may be able to top you, he settled himself in between your legs as he lets his other hand part your thighs before he rubs it teasingly trying to turn you on. If he only knows, his kiss is enough to get you soaked down there and his hands are not helping at all. He continues to brush his lips against yours, his left hand on the side of your face for support as he kisses you while his right hand starts to play with the buttons of your shirt, tugging them a bit.

“Open your mouth,” he instructs softly and you did as you were told. Opening your mouth for him, he wastes no second to shove his wet tongue inside your mouth to feel your hot cavern. His tongue slides down your teeth to the roof your mouth before his tongue glides against yours making you moan in the kiss, your breath hitching every now and then.

Not being able to contain the throbbing sensation on his lower region, he lowered his crotch and rubbed it against your cloth pussy wanting to ease his craving even just a little making you moan into the kiss as he skillfully sucks on your tongue. Hoseok starts to unbutton your shirt, shiver running down your spine as his fingers made contact with your exposed skin.

Hoseok slides his arm under your shirt behind your back as he lifts you a bit while his hand peeled your shirt off you and threw it on the floor yet his lips never left yours. He took a cushion and placed it under your head before pulling away from the kiss, leaving you panting. A smirk forms on his lips as he looked down seeing the mess he made with your lips while your forehead drip with sweat down to your neck.

He buries his face on the crook of your neck, sniffing your scent. Even at that position you could still smell the scent of alcohol coming from his mouth and the lingering taste of it that he left inside your mouth. Hoseok brought his arms to wrap around you and carefully unclip your bra and remove it off you as he left butterfly kisses on your neck then sucking on your jaw.

His kisses descended, his tongue tracing the outline of your collar bones then trailing kisses lower until his tongue circles on your areola making you moan in delight as his tongue would brush accidentally on your nipple at the process, you could feel yourself getting even wetter because of his tongue. Hoseok continued on like that making you groan is slight frustration. “Hoseok… please,” you lowly pleaded.

With a smile, Hoseok placed your nipple in between his warm mouth making you arch your back while calling him. Hand of yours made its way on his hair, gently tugging as he continues to assault your nipple, sending waves of pleasure building up inside you. He moves to your other breast, giving it same attention as the other one. Hoseok plays with your nub with his tongue, licking and sucking to give you pleaser.

Hoseok repeatedly flicks his tongue on your nipples as he works on your pants, pulling them down with a bit of struggle but successfully did it anyway. He left kisses on the flesh of your stomach. His fingers slightly pressed against your clitoris, you moved your hips, trying to rub it against his fingers. “Ah… someone’s really needy for me, not to mention how wet you are,” he said with a wide smirk plastered on his lips as he rubs his fingers against your clothe core, feeling your wetness against his fingers.

Hoseok pulls down your panties with ease as you are lifting your hips due to his constant rubbing. He blew cold air before pressing his lips on your outer lips before looking at you with innocent eyes. “Hoseok~” you moaned, wanting him to proceed as undeniable pleasure strikes you. “Aw, _______-ah, your prince won’t know what to give you unless you tell him,” Hoseok responded with a tone of teasing lacing his voice.

“Hoseok… I want you to eat me,” you said, a bit loudly, not being able to contain the excitement building up in your body. “With pleasure,” he responded. His tongue darts out and immediately attacked your outer lips, running it up and down before he dips his tongue into your slit, making you moan at the bliss he’s giving you.

His tongue brushes on your clit again and again. Addicted to the sensation he’s giving you, you kept calling out for his name, only encouraging him to give you more pleasure. You threw your head back as he continues to lap your wetness, slurping noises heard only getting you more turned on. “Fuck Hoseok…” strings of curses left your mouth as his index and middle finger entered you.

Hoseok slowly moves it in and out of you as he noticed the slight discomfort written all over your face, he continued to abuse your pussy with your tongue as he continues to finger you slowly which later on became faster. Wet noises are made as he uses his fingers and tongue against you making you trash on the sofa as you felt yourself getting closer to your climax.

He suddenly pulled out making you look at him in frustration. Hoseok moved to press his lips against yours again, making you taste your own juices. “Don’t worry ______-ah, I’ll replace it with something bigger,” he said seductively as he removed his shirt then kissing you as he works on his pants and boxers. Hoseok slides his cock on your pussy lips, making you whimper in excitement.

His tip brushing on your clitoris as he continues to slide it up and down your slit as you two make out. He held you securely in his arms before picking you up and bringing you to his room upstairs. Hoseok made out with you as he brought you to his room with his penis poking your entrance but not yet entering. You twist the doorknob open and Hoseok kicked it open and closed with the same manner as he opened it. He walks you over to his bed and placed you gently on it as he hovers on top of you.

He opens your legs wider to give him space. Nervously, you stared at him but he gave you a comforting smile knowing that it’s your first time as well as his but he tends not to show it. Hoseok leaned down to plant a simple kisses on your lips and pulling away. “Are you okay with this, do you want me to continue?” Hoseok asked gently, eyes on yours, looking at you with concern.

“You turned me on like this and you’re asking if I want you to continue?”  You asked in a mocking tone before pulling him by his neck to place a smack on his lips. He placed his forehead against yours as he positions his penis on your hole. He glides his tongue on your lips, asking for entrance and without a single thought you opened your mouth for him.

Hoseok slowly enters you as he watches your expression while kissing you. “Babe, if you won’t stop me now then I’ll warn you that I won’t stop,” he said with a grunt by the end of his statement. You just silenced yourself as you let him penetrate you, eyes closed. Hoseok softly kisses your lips then your neck and your chest, trying his best to distract you from the uneasiness that you’re feeling. Your arms wrapped around him, while your nails digging on his back but he doesn’t care at all, in fact he liked it.

Hoseok slowly thrusts ever so slowly; restraining himself from ramming into you on the spot as your heat wrapping around him so tightly is driving him crazy. “______-ah… shit,” he mutters lowly as he continues to slowly pull out and thrust back in, him reaching deeper with every thrust. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this…” Hoseok whispers as his pace getting faster noticing your change of expression which softened a little.

You’re a moaning mess under him as he rams his cock inside you at a fast pace as he whispers compliments in your ear. His fingers rub your clitoris to add up to your pleasure as he continues to shove his member into you. “Hoseok… ah…ah,” uncontrollable moans left your lips as he continued to pound his way inside you, trying to find the spot that will have you wanting more of him.

Hoseok continues to enter you as your face buried on his neck; you left noticeable marks on his skin. His thrusts became more erratic as he felt the pleasure building inside of him. “Hoseok~!” You called out for him the moment he hit your spot. He lifted one of your legs to gain much easier access to your sensitive area. With his hand rubbing you your clitoris and Hoseok thrusting without restraint, you moaned loudly as he hits your spot deeply, making you climax.

Hoseok continues to thrusts inside of you wanting to reach his own orgasm as well. He continued to penetrate you for a few minutes letting you ride of your high before he reaches his. “_______-ah…” he whispers gently as his body fell limp on top of you, he’s heavy yet you still managed to take his weight.

Without a word, Hoseok pulled out of you and lay beside you. He pulled a blanket on top of you as he moved closer to you, arms securely placed around your body. “Sleep…” He whispers gently, his eyes closed and his lips pressed on your forehead. From tiredness, you drift off to sleep later on and Hoseok followed.

Humming in pleasure, you moved your body slightly as the sunlight hits your face directly making you groan in frustration. You trash slowly in your sleep as the tingling sensation came into your body again. You tried to lie on your side but failed. Slightly annoyed, you let out a sigh, arms reaching beside you only to feel an empty bed. You opened your eyes and see no one beside you.

You sigh. Tongue swiping on your folds, you let out an urgent moan. “Ah…” you moaned, eyes closed as the feeling builds up inside you again, the pleasurable one. A mouth sucks on your clitoris, leaving you in deep pleasure, your eyes shot open only to notice that the blanket had been removed from your body and Hoseok in between your legs with a smirk as he darts his tongue out and licking your wetness. “J-Jung Hoseok…” you moaned his named a bit as he continues to lick you. “Babe, you have no idea how much you’ve climax before this…” he said with a smirk. “What a-are y-you doing?” You asked, stuttering a little. “Preparing you for round 2…” he grinned innocently.


I’m exhausted. I no longer wish to imagine your hands tracing the contour of my frame. Dominate me. Wake my body from the unconscious wasteland it has become. Please, climb inside of me and plant your presence.



almost every shinee promo has some sort of story with some sort of easter egg sprinkled here and there:

  • the misconceptions albums are all connected to tell a love story
  • sherlock is the intro to the misconceptions album
  • taemin throwing away his old skateboard in his solo
  • jonghyun’s solo may be the continuation or explanation of taemin’s solo?
  • both taemin’s and jonghyun’s logo own the same font and pattern
  • adding one more side to taemin’s logo makes jonghyun’s logo
  • all of this could be connected to an overall new logo to shinee as a group as if part of them is alwasy connected to shinee