I’m really exhausted from these people saying we’re antiblack every other week. It’s like saying I don’t know how to be black or I’m being black in the wrong way. It’s especially hard when I write about the difficulties in being black all the time. I know a lot of these anons are full of shit but it still hurts. I’ve had years and years of people telling me I’m doing it(being black) wrong, and years of undoing internalized antiblack racism, and now it’s like I’m still not right. My way of existing is wrong and I can’t ever get it right.

— Jay
(I was going to talk to the other mods about this but I guess I should tell you all this instead)

To distinguish it from the original creation, the Ruby Quest game now has its own subtitle!

Here is some more info about the game:

  • Deep/Dark water is a phobia of mine, so I will hopefully be able to subtly but effectively communicate just what about it makes it so scary in a large portion of this game.
  • Jay will have a bigger presence and role in the game at certain points.
  • Committing to four specific actions will unlock the “quest” of another character…and completing that quest will unlock yet another.

I want to try and keep doing sketches to tide you guys over, but recently it’s been getting a little harder, so I hope this will work for now.