Don’t follow hellyeahblackmodels. They refuse to post pictures of plus size models and claim it’s because plus size models can’t be high fashion. Even if there aren’t any plus size black models in the high fashion industry they should at least speak out against it. Instead them and their followers are coming out the woodworks to defend their discrimination.

– Jay

True Potential. These are my imaginings of what the ninja look like in their NRG states. Here are their powers: Cole: increased strength, the ability to increase mass at will, increased stamina, the ability to meld into the ground. Kai: flight, fire shielding, the ability to blast fire, the ability to superheat air Lloyd: flight, telekinesis, the ability to summon dual light sword constructs, the ability to conjure the light dragon. Zane: mass manipulation, increased strength, the ability to launch icicles from his body, the ability to freeze air. Jay: teleportation, increased speed, the ability to blast lightning, flight.


Check out my speedpainting of my Nindroid!Jay fanart! :D

Fun fact: the songs name is Disconnected by Pegboard Nerds I mean isn’t the story of Nindroid!Jay being sort of like disconnected from the team?

I wanted to create 2 new OCs who will bully my poor little Jay at work (in a host club). WEll in fact, they just popped into my head, I didn’t ask them anything!
So, welcome (or not) to Theo and Sebastian, two hosts, but more importantly two huge bastards. XD Seb is the worst, Theo is just a follower….