If I can’t make the nights shorter, let me be some company. 
If I can’t make the sun brighter, let me be another light. 
If I can’t make the world softer, let me be a cushion when you land. 
If I can’t make the voices quieter, let me be a gentler one. 
If I can’t make the waters lower, let me be a boat. 
If I can’t make the skies blue, let me be an umbrella.
If I can’t make the air warm, let me be a wool sweater. 
If I can’t make the walking easy, let me be a staff to lean on.
If I can’t make you believe me, let me be there to repeat it endlessly - you are you, you are important, and you are loved.
—  letters to my brother

I’m sure a lot of us can relate! 

If a black celeb (or any black person really) says something that might be controversial within the black community then you, nonblack people, shouldn’t reblog that post. These are issues that black people only can and will and should address. We don’t need anyone else. You could be supporting anti blackness and internalized racism and classism and sexism and not even know it.

Please read before you reblog and use your best judgement.

— Jay