150330 - Jaejoong twitter update

  • It shortens! Transforming into a bald head soon! Many acquaintances, staff, actors, family members; Yoochunie (Do well in filming^^), Junsu (Do well for your Japan concert^^) who came to see me even though you were busy and because of our fans, I laughed a lot, cried a lot and spent precious time with; and I’ll go (to army)^^ 

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Translation: yunjaery + KatHeartsJJ + Shinkipeia
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지켜주고 싶어…
I want to protect you…
너의 잘못된 나쁜 버릇들까지도힘든 날 웃게 만드는거야
even your bad habits make me smile when I’m tired
좀 힘들겠지만 널 사랑해 라고 말도 할거야 먼저 내 품에 오는 날까지
Although it may be difficult, I’m going to say that I love you until the day you 
first come into my arms 


150329 [FANCAM] Jaejoong - The Beginning of the End (Day 2) I’ll Protect You & Last Ment

While he was singing ‘I’ll Protect You’..

At the end of the song.. He said…

(starting from 6:39)

Thank you.. Thank you very much..
It’ll be a short time..
So.. please live well and safely..

uh.. some people.. *he started to cry..*

I’m sorry.. I’ve told you ‘I’ll never cry’..

Frankly speaking.. more than anyone..
We’ve walked on the rough road together..
more than any other singers.. more than anyone..

But.. but.. because we’ve spent such a hard time..
on the other hand, as we’re strong..
So, I thought the time of 2 years would not be longer than we would expect..
and I thought we could endure well..*cry*

I thought like that.. as we’ve spent a hard time..
I think I couldn’t endure those times.. honestly..
I’ve never parted.. from you..

Ahoo.. if someone scolds me in the army, won’t you protect me?
Ehyoo.. make me crazy..*cutely*

I’m going to say goodbye..
Thanks for coming today..
*cry* why did I cry.. *cry*
Thank you for coming today..
Thank you for giving me the best present..
Please go back safely..

Thank you so much for making the best time for me before I enlist..
Please wait for me.. to make the best time again.. until I’m back..
Don’t waste your energy and keep your thing and..
please welcome me with smile when I’m back..

From the bottom of my heart, I’m so thankful to all of you today.. Thank you very much..
Please go back safely..
See you again.. See ya~

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Translation: theyoungestmin
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[OTHER TWITTER] 150330 jhguard: Bodyguard Update

[OTHER TWITTER] 150330 jhguard: Bodyguard Update

[TRANS] “It’s my honour to stay beside you from the start to the end.
Be healthy, don’t get injured, come back safely”
– Bodyguard Choi Jae Ho (JJ/JYJ’s bodyguard)

“Guard Jaeho has been protecting Jaejoong since the 5 members
era, from 19 years old to now Jae’s 30 years old”

Credits: jhguard
Translated by: Yunjaery
Shared by: DBSKnights

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