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Yello!! ^^ their reactions to being mesmerised by you at a café :O ^_^


Mark would wait to see if you make eye contact. He wouldn’t be direct enough to approach you but instead lure you with his sexy stare.

Jaebum would approach you but then turn away coyly. He would want to show that he’s interested but not desperate. 

Jackson would be loud around you. If he’s not with friends, he would call someone and sound super interesting. Then he would throw you a look like, I know you want this.

Jinyoung would actually approach you, perhaps using whatever you were ordering as an excuse. He would stir up conversation and probably the only one in the hyung line guaranteed to get your number.

Youngjae would watch you from afar. If you approached him, holy crap he may just die. If he sees you more than once, he would gain the confidence just to say hi.

BamBam would smile and be very flirty. He would boldly offer to buy you coffee and use his aegyo to get you under his control.

Yugyeom would not say anything at first.  He would watch how you move and interact and if he is still intrigued, he would approach you. Not romantically, just a kind introduction as a friend to get to know you even more.

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Scenario where you are JB's girl, he brings you to the dorm to meet/hang out with the guys for the first time and you really hit off with mark (in a friend way) because you're both Native English speakers and both from North America? Would JB get jealous? Or would he just go with the flow? You're the best :)))

You’re the best!^^

Jaebum put an arm around you as you walked into the room. All eyes were on you and you looked away. Jaebum beamed with pride. This was your first time meeting the other guys and he already told them everything about you. He showed them your pictures, but he knew that you looked even better in person. Your presence bragged for him.

You sat down on the couch and Jaebum did most of the talking.  You turned to Mark who smiled at you politely.

"Jaebum-hyung told me you’re from Canada?"

"Oh yeah," You said in English with a smile. "You’re from California? I have a aunt who lives there so we went there often when I was a kid."

"Really?" Mark asked, "What part?"

You began to talk more about your adventures in California. You spent time recounting experiences of visiting Downtown LA and began to laugh at your little inside jokes. Jaebum’s grip around you tightened and you looked at him cutely.

"Yes, oppa." You could see him melting a bit but he was still a little perturbed. He shot Mark a look and the older male walked over to the chair to sit next Yugyeom.  You nudged Jaebum and he titled your chin to look at him closely.

"What were you two talking about?"

"LA." You said, bluntly.

Jaebum frowned, “Don’t be rude to oppa. You know how I feel when you do that.”

"Well you didn’t have to be rude to Mark-ssi."

He kissed your temple. “Then Mark-ssi should find someone else’s girl to talk to. I want mine back.”

"You’re so ridiculous." You said and he kissed your cheek. 

"You’re mine and I don’t like sharing. Arasso?"

You pursed your lips and he pecked them making you blush, knowing the other members saw it. He chuckled and scrunched your nose.