I’ll get tired of hearing this story when Jensen gets tired of telling it. (Not my video.)


Great sound, great quality, watch boys in Houston! :) Am I the only one who sees Jared while looking at his father, and Jensen by looking at his father? I mean… Their moves and gestures are identical!

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Hi I would like a five-hundred-word essay on why Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki love each other so much please thank you.

Let me tell you a story instead:

Well, you see dear, about ten years ago, or that’s how the story goes, there were two young actors named Jensen and Jared.

A man by the name of Eric Kripke wanted these two boys to play brothers in the television show he had written. They didn’t look much like brothers, but when the television executives saw their chemistry in the audition, they looked at each other and said, “By jove, I think we’ve got it!”

Now even though Jensen and Jared, Jay and Jar, J and J, J squared, J two, or whatever you want to call them, had amazing chemistry in the audition, in real life, they hated each other. They couldn’t stand each others guts.

In fact, if you were to slit them open, take out their guts, and dip them in an egg and flour batter, deep fry them to a nice golden brown, they would refuse to eat them. Even if you served them with ketchup.

They’d pull pranks on each other hoping to trash Kripke’s show so that he would send them all home and they’d never have to see each other again. They tried delaying production by teasing and screwing with each other (Not the sexy kind of screwing. Ew.) They tried putting stink bombs in each others trailers, giving each other swirlies, putting rat poison in each others drinking water. They were absolute terrors to work with.

It got so bad, they were getting into fist fights in bars. One incident, they were so drunk they couldn’t tell who they were hitting and ended up sending several drunken bystanders to the hospital. By the time the television executives heard about the incident, it had already been twisted by the media to sound as if Jay and Jar had been defending each other.

“We love it!” The bald one named Bob Singer said. “The fans are eating it up! We need more of you two kissing up to each other!”

“Yeah, literally kissing,” Eric, the other bald one, added.

By this point, Jay and Jar were making so much money from the show, they thought, “What the hell? Why tank a good thing?” So they shook hands and decided to play nice for the camera.

“I wish he were a critic and not my brother!” Jensen told one reporter at a red carpet event after Jared had pretended to try to kiss him.

"Are you wearing my shirt, Jensen?!”

"What? No!"

Jared grabbed at the shirt, “It IS my shirt, you asshole!”

"I’m doing it for the fans, get offa me!"

"You’re in my trailer! There are no fans within fifty miles of us, you chicken molar!"

One day Jensen got kicked out of his apartment.

“You’re smelly, you throw your clothes around and you play your saxophone at all hours of the night!” His now ex-roommate (and now ex best friend) gave as an excuse for why Jensen’s clothes were sitting in a pile on the stoop of his front porch. “Take your shit and don’t forget your saxophone!”

So Jensen did. But not without first sending a stink bomb through his ex roommate, ex best friend’s front window.

“Live with me!” Jared suggested.

“We hate each other!”

“The fans will love it! Viewership in the key demographics will go through the roof!”

“Well, I play the saxophone at all hours of the night and I don’t intend to stop.”

“That’s fine,” Jared said, “I’ve got a fedora and I can play jazz piano while you play your sax.”

Jensen wrinkled his nose, “That sounds too much like friendship.”

“Well I didn’t say I’d play the jazz piano well.”

“Okay,” Jensen gave in. “But if you actually start to like me, I’m calling this whole thing off.”

Jared snorted, “As if!”


They shared a good laugh.

Title: Living dead guy
Author: namichan89
Pairing: J2
Rating: T
Wordcount: ~9k
Who bottoms?: None
Warnings: Mentions of suicide, rape, autopsies, violence, stalking… There are dead bodies involved here (no necrophilia, though!).
Summary: Jared is a lonely coroner with his fair share of mental issues. Jensen is a dead body, brought to the morgue where Jared works, and at seeing him, Jared knows immediately that he’s someone special. Maybe because Jensen isn’t as dead as he looks. But Jared doesn’t know that, and still brings Jensen home to have a nice, long talk.
My comments: It’s beautiful, but it seemed so short, I really would have loved it to last a little longer. I love the general creepiness of the story, it’s quite original and I doubt there’s a lot of fics similar to this one out there.

onlyherefortheslash asked:

Hello! Do you happen to have hardcore Hurt/Comfort [NC-17; only AU] fics? The ones with one of the J being really traumatized? If I may add some preferences, I do like long fics with Jared being to comforted one? And I REALLY like when they end up doing the do, pretty please? Thanks in advance for your work!

Silk and Steel

Baby Steps

Lessons My Enemies Taught Me

Inviting The Dawn to Break

A Wish for Christmas

Hearts on Fire

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i just finished reading through your ficrec for j2 teacher/student and was wondering if you had anymore?

I’m not sure what  j2 fic post you read through (ive made like 4 lol) so I’ll just do a master post of all the j2 teacher/student fics I have ever read/saved. Here you go :)

I’ll See You After Class

An Omega’s Choice

Top of the Class

Running Dry of Bad Excuses

But Then, My Homework Was Never Quite Like This

Sweet Like Sugar

A Year in Limbo

Behind the Curtain

No Apology Necessary

It’s Yours

I’ve Found God…

One More Night

Student’s Pet and sequel Teacher’s Plight

Hot for Teacher 

Between Two Words

Raise the Stakes

Let’s Do Some Living After We Die

Paved With Drunken Intentions 

Lessons Learned

The Learning Curve

Dream Me Off My Feet

Teacher’s Pet (Misha/Jared and sequel Teacher’s Pets (J2 and Misha/Jared)

Step Into My Room

I’m Slowly Turning into You


Out of Syllabus


The Bet

You Sold Me Illusions

Winner Takes All


teacher!jensen/student!jared verse

  1. Teacher, Teacher
  2. Keep Sayin’ No, Baby (I’ll Keep Workin’)
  3. Meet Me Halfway
  4. Too Far, Too Fast

ATTENTION: T/S Fics will be added as I find more