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Jensen defended Jared? wow what happened?

Nothing recently. I was just thinking back to the times when he did.

Like when someone accused Jared of having bad hair days X (and if you look at 0:30 you can see Jensen checking out Jared’s but ehhhh)


when this chick said she blamed jared for everything jensen got super pissed. (really it was awkward right when this chick went up but it just kept getting worse) X (this is right when it starts but if you want to watch the entire vid then look out for 55:13 or right when it starts at 55:45) 

there’s another one but i cant remember gahh shoot me (like the chick had a super deep voice but i cant remember kk)


Jensen is moving into the same neighborhood that Jared lives in.

As someone from that fair city, can I just say, CALM DOWN PEOPLE?

It also happens to be the same neighborhood where Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, and every other celebrity and big name that lives in the city owns a home.

That’s because Austin is a small city (800k people total), and this is the only neighborhood with 7k square foot mansions in it.

So if Jensen decided to buy a house in Texas because this is where his family lives (and, LBR, where one of his best friends lives), THIS NEIGHBORHOOD is just about the only place in the whole state where he would have done it.

That’s because Houston’s an armpit, San Antonio is too industrial and low class, and Dallas is too close to where his parents live (and, not to mention, sprawling and ugly by comparison).

Don’t get me wrong. I am sure that the fact that he’ll be near Jared is a huge plus and definitely factored into his decision to buy a home in Texas.

I just think some folks are putting too much weight on the fact that the houses are in the same neighborhood, when really there is no other neighborhood where I could have imagined him buying.


It isn’t that Jensen’s friends are mean. Jared doesn’t think that Jensen would hang out with them if they were. It’s just that they have misconceptions about werepandas that have plagued Jared ever since he was a little cub excitedly toddling off to school only to get labeled Padapanda his very first day of kindergarten.


Jensen hates this town.

Brought here for school, it’s new and big and loud and unfamiliar and he’s already lost, trying to find the campus bookstore to buy enough textbooks to break his back and his wallet. He’s probably pretty far off-campus by now, but his chronic grumpiness has resurfaced in astonishing levels and he’s too stubborn to ask for help.

He pops out on some narrow road, tall buildings pressing at each other and draining away the sunlight. It’s oddly quiet here, the dull roar of the rest of the city sounding miles away. Only a few cars are parked on the curb, and Jensen keeps walking down the road out of curiosity. The university clock chimes the half hour somewhere far behind him, deep and sonorous, and he figures he deserves a little bit of sightseeing. He’ll make it in time if he gets his ass in gear after this. He’s sure.

The road ends in a court of sorts, a wide stone-paved rectangle with some old statue in the center and surrounded on all sides by renovated apartment buildings. A couple bikes are tied to poles, but otherwise it’s completely desolate, a welcome juxtaposition to the litter-ridden modern city that his school resides in. He begins to really breathe easy, feeling less pressured, and he begins walking back toward where he hopes a main avenue is when a building on his right catches his eye. It’s so thin, it’s almost comical— squeezed between two buildings is a tiny brick one, only three stories tall. It looks like a house, but only because it sports old violet shutters and a crooked chimney puffing out smoke. A dark wooden facade is built onto the exterior of the first floor, an old forest green sign quietly advertising “Jay’s Books” in a gold cursive script.

Jensen is on the front mat before he realizes it.

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Do you think Jensen moved to Texas mainly because of Jared since they're less than 3 minutes away from each other now and that's with traffic? I know his family living in Texas also is a little plus but wouldn't he would move to their neighborhood and not really really to Jared?

I think the only reason Jensen is moving to Austin is Jared.

He could have choosen any other place in Texas, or like Dellas, to be closer to his own family.

But he choosed to be really close to the place, where Jared lived for years.

And not just close. A-3-minute-car-drive close!

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Why didn't he move next to Misha then? Since according to you he is so in love with him? Just give it up already, Jensen moved to Austin because he wants to be near Jared and because he loves Jared. The same reason why he is also starting a wine company with him.

Hi Nonny,

Did I say that Jensen doesn’t love Jared? Did I claim that he didn’t want to be near him? Why are you trying to pick a fight?

Of course those are two ginormous reasons that factor into his decision to move, but here are some (probable) others:

1. He’s a dad and wants to raise JJ near the grandparents and aunts and uncles. When my first child was born, I did the same thing — moved from Northern CA to Austin because my parents lived in Houston and my husband’s lived in Dallas. Austin felt like the place in Texas most like the Pacific Northwest to me, the ONLY place in Texas that I would want to live.

2. He recently had issues with a stalker in LA, and Austin is just… SAFER. In fact, that’s why Sandra Bullock moved back. About 2 years ago, when her baby was 2, she decided to sell her Austin home and try to make LA her permanent home. But then she had a stalker make his way into her LA house, freaked the fuck out, and moved back to Austin because we’re way more chill.

3. Austin is his “favorite city.” He’s been saying that for years (long before Jared bought a place here), so it makes sense that he’d buy a house here.

Look, I’m not trying to fight, so this is likely the last I’ll say on this and the only anon I’ll answer…

But when my husband and I left the west coast, I left my boyfriend behind. He lived in Portland at the time. Yet my husband and I decided to do what was best for OUR family. That meant moving somewhere near family, meant moving somewhere where we’d be happy to raise kids, meant moving somewhere where the cost of living was lower so our income and savings could stretch farther.
It also meant leaving behind people we genuinely loved. Did it end our relationships with those people? No. I still flew out to Portland as often as I could to visit my boyfriend, and he would take vacations with us as often as he could manage it.

Rather than spending your emotional energy trying to pick a fight, why not try to open up your narrow definition of love?

Think of it like this. If you are a parent to one child, and one day you have a second, does that mean you’ll love your first child any less?

Is your love some finite thing that you have to divide up between your children?

More likely, you would find that your heart just… GROWS. You would discover that your capacity to love simply expanded as you had more children.

You would discover that your capacity to love is infinite.

Likewise, your capacity for romantic love is infinite. Loving one person romantically doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to love someone else, and it doesn’t mean that you love anyone *less* than anyone else.

So rather than spew vitriol anonymously in other people’s inbox, why not jump on a much happier bandwagon that celebrates ALL THE LOVE?

It’s a positive and happy place. Come join us.