ok here are the RUMORS from back in 2011 that j2 showered together.

it started with this tweet from a Vancouver paparazzi:

This person is really aggressive, so it surprised a lot of people when he replied with more info:

gettinmyhateon: @grahamtracey @pursuit23 the trailers have a small hot water tank cliff said + they never have much time on set anyway

Now no one really believed him (he was rude and often spread rumors) but then the rumor was fueled when an SPN fan said:  “Based on what I’ve heard - it’s true. They do sometimes shower together on set. I heard it from a PA. PA said “they’re in the shower” and “both of them?” was asked and the PA said “yep” and laughed.” 

i just enjoy that rumor a lot so i thought id share ^-^

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anonymous asked:

yes i'm serious :( say something that will make me feel better about it

jared talking about how much he loves jensen:

jensen talking about how he loves jared (theres more but im lazy):

and best friends ^-^

jensen srsly sang to jared OW

“Think they’ll notice?” Jared doesn’t have to look at Jensen to know there’s a grin firmly on his face. 

Jared snorts, “of course they’ll notice. They’re obsessed with our love.” 

Jensen’s hand shifts in Jared’s back pocket before pinching Jared’s butt. “Our love for our wives, you mean.”

Jared rolls his eyes before smacking a big wet kiss on Jensen’s head. “Smile for the camera, asshole.”