May 29, 2012 is the day I got an email from a beautiful, blue eyed, blonde. She told me she was the lead singer in a band and she seen my work before and asked if I’m free to work on some pieces of her. Fast forward two years later, I never thought I would be working with one of the hottest bands around! Maria and the gang has been so good to me. Thank you guys. #art #artwork #mariabrink #inthismoment #itm #blackwidow #blood #albumart #tourposter


Malcolm knows the best way to tell a funny joke is is to explain all the elements to your audience. 

(Also, Malcolm, poor you.  How annoying it must be that you’re expected provide evidence on top of everything else as to why starting the war is totally justified.  Doesn’t anyone care about you and how busy you already are with your normal shouting at and insulting people schedule?)

Like if you feelin the new design

Not long before this releases. For those interested, Save up and cop when it comes out because they will go fast.
Comment and let me know what other in the lab gear I should come out wit
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Is it too late?

Sinopse: Quanto é importante pra você o que outros pensam? Manter uma pose vale qualquer preço, até mesmo magoar aquela pessoa que você ama? Querer ser coisa que não pode ser pode trazer consequências para todos especificamente a você. A vida pode mudar de uma hora pra outra pras uns mudaria pro bem outros talvez não! Esperar o tempo passar às vezes é a única solução para todos os problemas dela. “Ninguém é o mesmo de um ano atrás, se for tá com defeito.”
                                “O sentimento não morreu, cansou.”

Sigla: ITL

Escrita por:  Yanca , minha Parceira Karina

Status: Em Breve.

Obs : Fanfic meia adaptada .. Pois há uma continuação da minha parte.



Creditos ao banner feito por : rebeldesemlimite *-*


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If someone dribbles at you and don’t go back door like we talked about in the previous videos…you can always come for the hand off. Someone goes under the screen…you have to be able to make them pay for it. Being able to hit shots behind a screen opens up a whole new list of options because now the defense has to make adjustments by going over the top which opens up the pocket pass.
The key to the shot is being on balance…Matty likes the jump stop…Kyle likes one two footwork…either way…you have to be able to run into it and pop into the air without letting your momentum drift you to the left or right unless that’s what you want to do.
This was our warm up so we weren’t going game speed.
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