Good artists under the control of bad fans do bad things…

So, this is based on avannak's dreadful drabble (wonderfully written but SOUL-CRUSHING drabble) about what would have happened if Stoick didn’t get there in time… a.k.a. the dead!Hiccup AU, something I did my best to avoid until now.

Just FYI, the filename for this drawing is “deadhiccupauFUCKINGHELL.jpg”

Hiccup’s stupid peg leg is caught up in the strap of his stupid boot why did I even think about that detail I can’t

anonymous said:

Love your dead!Hiccup AU series. Would love to read even more, maybe something Toothless focused.

Dead!Hiccup AU

A part of him was missing.  Toothless knew it before his mouth cooled and the taste of smoke had left his tongue.  The sudden crush of loss tore him from the alpha’s pull with crippling brutality.  Shadows dance before his eyes; a frantic hazy memory of desperation.  Echoes of Hiccup’s screams and pleads rang in the silence.

The following clarity killed him.  His boy, twisted and static, with no rush of blood or beating heart.  The scent of death thick and wafting.

Toothless screamed before comprehension fully took him.  He accepted Stoick’s anguished hail of punches and ignored Valka’s shaking fingers and fell deaf to Astrid’s weak, insincere coaxing.  He moaned and nudged whatever part of Hiccup he could get at and grew sick at the scent and evidence of his own flame.

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DreamWorks Animation will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary on October 12, 2014!

Acme Archives will be having a month long celebration as well, releasing new artwork featuring DreamWorks’ films every Wednesday during October. There will be both all new interpretive art and concept art from the movies. 

Check out the first art to release tomorrow Oct 1st featuring:  Shrek – Puss in Boots – How To Train Your Dragon 2
“Explorers” & “Puss in Boots” – by Ben Curtis Jones
“Uncharged Territories” by Penelope Gaylord
“Family Tree” & “Quest for Fiona” & “The Final Battle” – Shrek Concept Art

Check back every following Wednesday for new artwork from more DreamWorks movies:
Oct. 8th – Mega Mind – Monsters vs. Aliens
Oct 15th – Madagascar – Penguins – Kung Fu Panda
Oct 22nd – Croods – Rise of the Gaurdians

anonymous said:

Now that Hiccup is chief, is he stuck with Stoick's old second-in-command (I'm assuming Spitelout) or does he get to choose his own? If so, who do you think it would be?

Eret.  He’s picking Eret.

He gets to put his own faith in whomever he chooses.  And I’ll be damned if that guy ain’t Eret son of Eret.  I mean, Astrid is his technical second, but she has her own shit to deal with, so he’ll probably have another.  And it’s going to be Eret.

You don’t give your dead father’s dragon to another person lightly.

Life is made of billions of miniscule moments of emotion, strung together like beads on a chain.

Moments of hate, moments of love, and moments of destiny that steer a person around and around like an eddy in a raging river.

Occasionally, if a person is spectacularly lucky, in between the lightning strikes, a moment is perfect.

Chasing Thunderstorms by tysonrunningfox (Foxy’sGirl)

The Vikings Have Their Tea
  • The Vikings Have Their Tea
  • John Powell
  • How to Train Your Dragon (Music from the Motion Picture)

I think this is one of the most underrated pieces of music from the first soundtrack. It was part of the credits, and it’s also part of The Eel Effect when the vikings are finally getting the eel pox cure. I love this one. 

anonymous said:

Ello Ello! Just curious, what would be Hiccups, for example, role be as chief? Thank you kindly! :)

One of my collegues said something interesting the other day.  I really liked it.  She said, “A Viking chief was only a husband during the winter and after dark.”  That’s true of the real world.  That’s true of Berk’s world.  They may not be real Vikings, but don’t think for one second that Astrid was joking when she said:

Well…It’s a lot of responsibility.  The map will have to wait, for sure, and I’ll need to fly Toothless since you’ll be too busy…

That’s a big clue as to what his life is going to look like.  Hiccup’s going to be busy.  Almost too busy.  He’ll be too busy for Toothless.  And just in case you’re not quite convinced that he’s incredibly busy all the time, let’s look at his daily living.

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