• Jónsi:Let the wind carry us
  • Jónsi:Through the clouds, hurry up, alright
  • Jónsi:We can travel so far
  • Jónsi:As our eyes can see
  • Jónsi:We go where no one -
  • Gobber:GOES WE SLOW FOR NO ONE GET OUT OF OUR...way...sorry.

So, wait a second.. In HTTYD Hiccup is the scrawny loser of the village, but since he catches Toothless he becomes Mr.Cool, right? And then, evetually, in HTTYD2, he ALSO becomes Mr.Hotstuff.

Mr.Hotstuff, who is ALSO Mr.Cool because he has dragons.. And that just adds to his hotness..

BUT! What if Hiccup had never caught Toothless? And he ended up being hot anyways? That wouldn’t have been aligned with his status in the village, so I guess everyone would probably be like “What a waste”, “If only he wasn’t such a wimp!”, “Dat ass though.. too bad”.. and so on and so on..

So what? We would’ve had a hot ass baker viking? With Astrid gaining weight because of all of the bread she would be buying as an excuse to just see his sexy face?


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