How To Roleplay Tips: Sollux Captor

      This HTR Session is for Sollux Captor of the Homestuck series placed in the MSPA multiverse. This will cover the usual mistakes people pull when they’re attempting to roleplay the character, and how to avoid or correct them.

      Please remember to read the disclaimer at the end before complaining! As I always say, learn the rules, know the spirit of the rules, and then you can break them knowing what you do. Anything can be done with enough backstory, reasoning, and theory, and sometimes this is where the best RPs come from.


Sollux Captor from Homestuck
Basic character information can be found here.

       Alright so, you want to play Sollux Captor huh? I’ve got just the code to write this for me, and when it’s done it’ll have some of the more common mistakes I see done with this character, plus a run down on his personality as directly noted from his logs and panels. About to flip off the handle with information here 2eriiou2ly.

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Name: Honest Rebel


Why do you want to be a Bombshell?

I’ve spent my whole life living in the shadows of three very loud and noisy older sisters. It’d set me apart to be the only model of the group and to be able to meet new people and get the chance to make friends on my climb to the top. I have more than what it takes to be a bombshell and a spicy attitude to match. 

ღღ Please help me get to 40 so Honest can be a Bombshell. ღღ