This comic has very little to do with history I just I love the head cannon that Churchill is a usuk fanboy.

Also I have no idea what the nations are talking about. Mainly its France and England playing a prank on America exploiting his lack of European customs and the fact that he can’t read the mood of a situation. I never actually thought of a what it was though. 

tbh no matter how u see aph america u have to admit its funny as hell to imagine him as being younger during world meetings in like the 19th century and being like “FUCK YOU GUYS” and his voice cracking at the table + england snickering

My lastest watercolor.:D Had to take a picture of it with my camera because my scanner made it really too horrible.:(  (anyone doing a lot of traditional work that have tricks with watercolors?)

So matthew and gilbert taking a stroll and eskimo kisses.:) at first I wanted to make it under the rain but then they kinda end up in a underwater looking garden?????