Happy birthday to this special lady! Twenty three years of being ridiculous together. I admire you for your courage to go after the things that you want, and your sense of humor. Thank you for always being there. Welcome to thirty. This is going to be your best decade yet, @lauraweetziewilson ! #bff #throwback #dragqueenclub #jazzhands #hbd #birthdaybabe #tomorrowmorrowmorrow


3 years with EXO !!!

It’s been 3 years of hard work and struggles for you but I’m so happy that you’ve made it this far :> You are all so talented and charismatic and your chemistry as a group is undeniable. I know you’ve had your fair share of misfortune this past year but you were able to move passed that and prove you can thrive together as a family and achieve so much more. Thank you for working hard and doing your best. Thank you for inspiring so many people. Cheers to you and many years to come!! I haven’t been in this fandom long enough but I am grateful to have been a witness to your amazing talent and I will love you for as long as I can because THIS IS NOT A PHASE LOL I love you so much, EXO! Thanks for everything ♡

Happy birthday to George Takei! 

The Star Trek actor was born in Los Angeles in 1937 to middle class Japanese-American parents. While he never gave up on his dream of being an actor, Takei also never forgot what happened to him during the onset of World War II, when a suspicious, paranoid U.S. moved to detain anyone of Japanese heritage. 



Happy Birthday Oh Sehun!

We’ve watched you grow up from a little noodle to an even bigger noodle and in that time, you’ve inspired and brought so much love into the lives of your fans. Please continue to live while doing the things you love. Happy birthday. I hope that all your wishes get granted (especially the one where Kyungsoo senpai notices and reciprocates your love, I’ll wish for this one for you too XD). Here’s to another year together, and hopefully many more.  

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