Happy birthday to Roy Chapman Andrews! The famed explorer, fossil-finder, and Museum Director was born on January 26, 1880. 

Head over to the Museum blog to learn about Andrews’s time as a whale researcher, an expedition leader, and head of the American Museum of Natural History. Want to see more? The Museum’s Digital Special Collections contain dozens of historic images of Andrews in the field.

#EGOGraphics Happy Birthday to the legend Salvador Sanchez. If you’re a boxing fan I highly recommend you watch this fight that I used for my graphic! #SanchezGomez classic material right here. Would you guys be mad at me if I put Salvador Sanchez in the spot before Julio Cesar Chavez Sr on my all time greatest Mexican Boxers list? Cause I do. They were both great though and some of my all time favorites. It’s sad to see Sanchez’s life and career come to an end prematurely, I think he would’ve went on to do even more great things. But Props to Sanchez and let’s celebrate his life on this day. #SalvadorSanchez #HBD #HappyBirthday #ATG #Legend #Boxeo #Boxing #EGO #BoxingEGO


HBD Vinsanity

Kim Jongin: A Happy Birthday Post:

There are many sides to Kim Jongin: dancer, singer, cutie, (supposed) sex god. Regardless of which side he chooses to show us, they are merely pieces of a larger puzzle.

Jongin, you’ve once said that you will give EXO every last bit of passion you have for dance, to that, I say: thank you for giving us everything - your passion, your hard work, your dedication, and your love. I hope that you remain healthy, rest and eat well, and are happily living life doing the things you love. Happy birthday.