[STARCAST] “She melts in now~”… KARA Heo Young Ji’s period of adaptation


“August, 2014, Heo Young Ji has newly transferred to KARA”
There is a change in ‘KARA’. 21-year-old youngest Heo Young Ji has joined them. There are evaluations that KARA has become more fresh after this cute girl has joined them.

Wait, we will give you a quiz.


Q. Where is Heo Young Ji?

A. I’m here~


There is no awkwardness in new KARA? Then Heo Young Ji has ‘successfully’ adapted to KARA well.
The result is not made in one day. It is due to Heo Young Ji’s sweating and bleeding effort. She has gone through special training not to defame ‘Korean Wave Idol’ KARA.



 We release Heo Young Ji’s debut progress for the first time. Let’s go to the recording scene of the new song, GO, Mamma Mia!



①  Recording room = Singing ability for a singer is necessary. Her singing ability has been recognized through survival program, ‘Baby KARA Project’ which chooses new KARA member.
Last 8th, Heo Young Ji participated in recording the new song ‘Mamma Mia’ in Japanese version. It was after a month she got chosen as the new member. How was her thrill of the first recording? 


"You can do well, right?"

"Recording starts"


"I cannot realize this moment." (by. Heo Young Ji)
She entered the recording room for the first time after joining KARA. She feels dazed yet. She adapted to the mood by putting on the headphone and standing in front of the microphone. She started to pitch the note.


"Cherish, Cherish~"

"How’s her singing ability?

"Have you checked it through the stage?"


② Dance= Since she has belatedly joined, she spent many time practicing the new song choreographies and also hit song dances of ‘Pretty Girl’, ‘Mister’, and ‘Lupin’.
 Heo Young Ji was deeply absorbed into practicing choreographies this day too. It was when the other members went home (?). But she kept on practicing alone by shouting out “one more time”.


"Setting the music~"

"Starting intensely"

"Sweeping down sexily~"

"with confident pose"

"when waving"

"finishing coolly"



Actually, Heo Young Ji didn’t have good body condition since the leg injury she got from ‘Baby KARA Project’ recurred. But she mastered the choreography until the last by fighting her injury.



Why did she practice in hard-core? Her experience gap between other members is about more than 8 years. She says that continuous practicing is the only way for catching up that time. 


"Jumping one more time~"

"Ending with this angle?"

"Go Go by cheering up~"



②  Japanese= During Heo Young Ji’s debut period, she fell into ambush. Studying speaking Japanese was the problem. KARA is a Korean Wave star that is popular in Japan. They appear in local broadcast a lot, so Japanese is mandatory.
 Since her debut and until now, Heo Young Ji is getting special Japanese lecture. ‘DSP Media’s Japanese professional is her teacher. The content is self-introduction and simple daily conversation.


"One, two, climbing the hill"

"I’m going for the private tutoring~"

"I’m studying"

"Neat handwriting"

"This is wrong?"


Sound of her writing down is full in the room. You are seeing a pencil in a long time, right? Heo Young Ji says that she likes the unique writing sound. She says she sharpens the pencil herself every night~.


"Pencil case full of useful things"

"Finger note-taking without pencil"

"Please look forward to me~"


 Have you seen how Heo Young Ji debuted? Then what was the result like? She did not seem strange even when she was with original members of ‘KARA’; Park Gyu Ri, Han Seung Yeon, and Gu Ha Ra. She got evaluated that she “matches well with them”.

There was no disharmony. She perfectly melted well in pictorial shoots and MVs as if she was an original member. The results of her effort shined for the first time.

"Who’s the new member?

"I don’t look strange, right?"

"Prepared ‘KARA’ Heo Young Ji"


The peak of ‘being KARA’ could be checked on the stage. Where is Heo Young Ji who smiled embarrassingly when she recorded music or danced?




She even enjoyed the stage. She showed relaxed image by holding up her ‘thumb’ or posing ‘V’ when the camera focused on her face.


"V~ Heo Young Ji~"

"KARA is the best"


However, she did not shed away her rookie image totally. Her unique baby face she showed whenever she smiled made people know her as a rookie.
Heo Young Ji’s debut is only a week passed. She has more stages left in the future.
Please pay attention to Heo Young Ji and ‘KARA’ continuously.

☞ It’s sad to end like this, right? We release bonus cuts lastly. Heo Young Ji threw the first ball at the baseball game of ‘Doosan vs. Lotte’ last 19th. Heart pounding… We release images of her practicing throwing the first ball~

"Grabbing the bat first~"

"Shall I just take the bunting position?"

"Swinging bigly~"

"Got it!"

" Miss. FULLSWING ~"

"Please look forward to me~"

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