animarrtion said:

I love your blog! I am a bit stuck on a plot element, there is a person who can tell the future but I can't decide what parameters that can exist in and how it would affect them and others around them. Any ideas? Thanks!

I think the most important aspect of seeing the future is deciding on whether it’s inevitable. Can it be changed, or is what you see going to be the eventual outcome no matter what happens? You’ll have to take a stance on fate, and whichever side you choose will leave your story with a different flavour.

Choosing to make the future inevitable will probably take you in the direction of a frustrated character - can you imagine knowing everything but being ineffectual? Choosing to make everything they see only a potential outcome could give you a character who tries to solve everyone’s problems. Either way, they could wind up being used for their powers and have to deal with a lot of manipulative people.

You’ll also have to think about how they see the future. Does a clear scene play out before them, or is it hazy and more like a dream that has to be deciphered? You may find that one pairs better with the future being inevitable.

I hope that helps!

Chuaigh Mé Isteach I Dteach Aréir
Is D’iarr Mé Cairde Ar Mhnaoi An Leanna
Is É Dúirt Sí Liom “Ní Bhfaighidh Tú Deor
Buail An Bóthar Is Gabh Abhaile”

I Came By A House Last Night
And Told The Woman “I Am Staying”
I Said To Her “The Moon Is Bright,
And My Fiddles Tuned For Playing”
Níl Sé’n Lá (Not yet Day)by Celtic Women

Another practice… And yes, I could see Hannah play the fiddle or violin…. As well as sing in Gaelic too. 


the season 10 preview has been released (x) and there’s a lot of talk that Hannah is falling in love with Cas. That’s a valid interpretation but it’s not what I felt when watching it

The above gifs were the intro to the Castiel part of the preview. Executive Producer Robert Singer points out that Cas is part of the family story-line but I don’t think he meant the Team Free Will family, I think he meant they’ll be exploring his relationships with his angel family

There’s one particular line that’s being used to support the romance argument:

"[Hannah] finds herself caring for Cas in a way that’s not particularly angelic" - Robert Singer

but this made me think of On the Head of a Pin 4.16 

Castiel: They feel I’ve begun to express emotions. The doorways to doubt. 

It’s unangelic to have any emotions. So far Hannah has been like the Cas we saw in season 4, a good little soldier who follows the rules of heaven. That Cas turned in Anna, knowing she’d be tortured, because those were the rules. But once Cas started feeling human emotions he started breaking the rules to save others from suffering

A good angel would mourn that her brother was dying but wouldn’t break heaven’s rules to save him. But if Hannah is starting to feel human-like sisterly emotions then she’d do whatever she could to make sure her brother lives. If that happens then Hannah and Cas would be a parallel of Dean and Sam, and we know that this show loves to do parallels

There’s only 40 seconds of Cas/Hannah footage in the preview and that’s not a lot to go on. I think it’s too early to assume they’re going with an angelic incest story-line, especially since the producer made a point of saying that Cas’ story-line this season would be “very much about family”

I’m just going to believe that Hannah and Cas’s arcs are going to be about them coming closer as siblings instead of “we forget all angels are related incest”

For example:

Cas: Bitch

Hannah: What did you call me?

Cas: A bitch. It is a female dog that-

Hannah: No, I know that. I am curious to why you are insulting me.

Cas: I did not wish to insult you. I was under the impression that this term was used between siblings as a gesture of affection. You were supposed to call me jerk. I apologize.

Hannah: ….I am not adverse to this idea.


Hannah: *something in Enochian*

Cas: *something in Enochian*

Sam to Hannah: What did you just say?

Hannah: I called him a newt that doesn’t know how to swim. He replied that I was a goat that has had sexual relations with a tree.


Hannah: It is more humorous in Enochian. 

You're a good soldier, Hannah, and one of the best.