My review of episode 5x22

Dear Mister Darwin, yes, your theory has some exceptions and these three men we had the unpleasure to meet in this episode definitely prove that. 

All the three of them, along with their “lovely” wives showed us what a marriage shouldn’t ever be like…. but really, what people shouldn’t ever be like. Eww… they gave me chills and, since the acting and writing was meant to give us that feeling… good job!

But the other plot of this episode, the one involving Jerry, Chin, Kono and Kame, was definitely more the kind of stuff that I like! 

Really, Kame’s marketing strategies keep entertaining us since the first season… the man is so funny and adorable and his interaction with Jerry is quite priceless. 

Kame’s face when Jerry called him “Pops”, Jerry’s helmet with Kame’s face on it, Kame asking Jerry to wear that t-shirt on stage to make amends for the missed delivery… it was all funny, it made me smile.

And then Jerry’s rant to Chin, about all the bad stuff that happened to him since he started helping the team… if not a badge, I think he deserves at least a salary for his collaboration! He’s not a cop, but his skills proved many times to be really useful to Five-0.

And that Max/Grover scene, with Max talking about “the Cancun incident of 1994”… aw Max, you bad boy! I’m imagining the moment when Sabrina got to see for the first time that secret and regrettable tattoo!

I liked the Steve/Danny scene at the smart-table, the smiles, the looks, the teasing and banter, and I loved the scene after that (when we are shown  many other exceptions to the theory of evolution), with Steve telling Danny “Promise Gracie will get her college degree online” and Danny replying: “Done. Why would you even bring up her name here?”… that was simply adorable! The fact that Steve cares for Grace as much as Danny is so heartwarming.

I was impressed when Chin managed to figure that someone was behind him because of the look on that woman’s face… all instinct… and Danny, too, finding the bad guy among a crowd of people! It’s always fascinating to see these characters doing their job so well.

And seeing those people in the slave-labor camp crushed my heart…

The ending scene was really good, with Chin confiding to Steve his worries, asking him for and advice… I still believe Adam is a good guy and I hope the danger he is in won’t take him away from Kono… and from us. I really like him.

And of course I loved all the guys showing up for our hero Jerry and being proud of him… oh, and looking so good… especially Steve and Danny, of course, who are the eighth wonder of the world together… pure perfection.

I’m already really looking forward to the next episode for several reasons… it looks like a wonderful one.

I am randomly craving a H50/White Collar fusion where Steve is a master thief/ninja person who - after being captured - negotiates a deal to assist the hoale cop who caught him in return for help finding his e-business partner Hesse who turned on him and killed his father. Omg, I would read this so hard.

h50 wank

okay, because tonight’s ep pushed me to do it:

i really like Lou, i really do. i like Jerry too! but i never thought this show would go from Steve and Danny eye-fucking in every scene to me being excited to see them on screen together two whole times in one episode. i respect the attempt that they brought to the table, and the development that went into Lou as a character. but this 6 person team is too big - hell, 5 was pushing it with Cath in s4 but it only worked because they had Danny and Kono out for most of it. 

(Max has been a large influence in the show, as has Kamekona. they’ve been around since s1, had a few episodes in their focus, and are both beloved. is there a particular reason the showrunners felt Jerry couldn’t be given a similar role? and while we’re there do not get me started on them practically ignoring Chin and Kono all season, do n o t)

i’m just exhausted by the way this season has been written, like i l o v e this show and some episodes in this season are lovely and i will never be a h50 hate blog. but the sudden quality rollercoaster gives me whiplash, and the random loss of characters that they put episodes worth of effort into developing (Amber/Melissa???????) are lost in the background?

some writers and showrunners can really handle a large cast. these folks at h50 clearly cannot. and that’s okay!! just. accept it and bring down the main cast list a peg. 

because a large cast isn’t gonna bring diversity and attention and ratings. right now it’s bringing down the quality of some of your episodes.

I… I really don’t know what to say about tonight’s episode of H50.

Okay no wait that’s a lie, I have plenty.  But mainly… MAINLY I have a few things to say:

1.  Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim are timeless and beautiful and goddamn it I hate them so much. (no I actually don’t, I could never, but I can occasionally be jelly of how they look)
2.  I honestly didn’t sign up for this poor man’s Hangover and I feel so violated by the entire story-line that I am honestly ashamed FOR Chi, Alex, and Scott because CLEARLY Grace and Daniel got the better story-line in this episode.
3.  Bring on next week’s Kono-centric episode!