Spring Nights Mix {listen here}

For long Spring Nights that make you feel alive.

1. Free - Graffiti6 // 2. Goats in Trees - Foster the People // 3. Dancing On The Edge Of Our Graves - Born Ruffians // 4. Little Games - The Colourist // 5. Breakers - Local Natives // 6. Electric Feel - MGMT // 7. Bloodshake - Peace // 8. High Times - Landon Pigg // 9. Play With Fire - Vance Joy // 10. Best Friend - Foster The People //


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credit for the photo to 1ooflyzz


Over you (2012)


Graffiti6- Stare Into The Sun

"My favorite song, but Graffiti6 has a lot of other good songs too!! "

thanks for the submission. 

love this song check it out


A cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” that doesn’t suck in comparison. It’s actually pretty great.

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