Godsmack - Voodoo

Say what you like about Godsmack, but I’ve always considered this an immensely evocative video - especially when you consider the Sea-as-Soul.

(Paging graveyarddirt and palomayombe just in case they have never seen it. They probably have.)


Diana Bastet Metal Belly Dance: Godsmack’s “Voodoo” [x]

A friend/former co-worker has started taking belly dancing lessons, and posted this on her FB wall as something to aspire to.

And I wonder as I tear away my skin
It’s taken me so long to stitch
These wounds from where I’ve been
And mother please don’t bury me
I’m begging for my life
It’s hard to say that I will be complete
Before I die

It’s complicating me sometimes
This love-Hate-Sex-Pain
it’s underestimated lies