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Kirino Shindou Drama CD Conversation Translation


Shindou: Kirino? You’re irreplaceable to me. You’ve supported me many times when I’ve felt frustrated. You’re my nakama.

霧野: おまえにそういってもらえるなんて。こうえいだな。

Kirino: It’s an honour to hear you say that.

神童: 霧野! 

Shindou: Kirino!
*When I first listened to this, I thought Shindou was reacting angrily to something Kirino said but actually he’s flattered by Kirino calling what he said an honour. I think?

霧野: 天馬やえんどうさんが(あられれる)までおまえはずいぶんとうしろむきだだよな。いちどはサッカーやめるなんていいだして。

Kirino: You were negative until you met Tenma and Endou-san. Then you began to say you couldn’t give up on soccer.

神童: おまえこそジャンヌ にであうまでずいぶんとなやんでいた、じゃないか。

Shindou: Weren’t YOU negative until you met Jeanne, hmm?

霧野: なんだと?!

Kirino: What?!

神童: ちがおのか。

Shindou: Am I wrong?

(They both laugh LIKE ANGELS)

霧野: ぶじにもとのせかいにもどれてよかだな、神童.

Kirino: It will be good to get our own world back safely, Shindou.

神童: あ。おれでまたえんどうさんたちともしあいができる。

Shindou: Yeah. We can play our soccer with Endou-san and the others.

霧野: じゃさきにいってるぞおまえもはやくめにこいよ。

Kirino: Alright. I’ll go sooner and you come too. (??)
*I’m really not sure what Kirino means by this. Maybe ‘you go on ahead and I’ll catch up,’?


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