As scientists, we must champion the multiple concerns of society, even when they make a contradictory call for more innovation as well as more precaution.

François Houllier, the head of France’s agricultural research agency, commenting on how researchers should approach the call for more rigorous study and risk-benefit analysis of GM foods.

Effort to better understand genetic engineering should not be avoided just because the topic is controversial, nor should it be avoided simply because “anti-GMO protesters only want more research done because they think it’s dangerous!”

The attitude Houllier supports goes for any topic where science and social controversy cross paths.

Wag kang matakot na isang araw iiwan ka niya. Basta alam mo sa sarili mo na ginawa mo ang lahat ng bagay na magpapasaya sa kanya at hindi ka nagkulang at tumingin sa iba. 


In Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s nautical-inspired spring collection for Lacoste, traditional items like rain jackets were outfitted with transparent hood visors and waterproof fabrics. Waterproofs are made by coating natural or synthetic fibers with a polymer like PVC or rubber that can be tuned for breathability. At a molecular level, these materials have a characteristic non-polar surface to prevent water molecules from penetrating the layer. A more advanced version of this can be seen in the GIFs above showing the superhydrophobic surfaces GE researchers are developing. Perhaps soon these surfaces will make their debut on the runway. 

- Chris Ing, | #iOnFashion, NYFW 2014 | Photo credit © Yannis Vlamos.

Santa Fe #6412, a GE B23-7, and Santa Fe #510, a GE Dash 8-40BW, take a break at the Kansas City mainline fuel pad on September 29, 1991 before continuing on their westward journeys.

Photo by Scott Thomas.At the Kansas City main line fuel pad on 9-29-91 the Santa Fe #6412 and #510 take a drink before continuing there west ward travels.