Let’s celebrate GOT7’s comeback and the holidays with a giveaway! /commences rejoicing/

Here’s what you can win:

FIRST PRIZE: Both versions of GOT7’s new album Identify

SECOND PRIZE: First choice of either the Original or Close Up version of Identify

THIRD PRIZE: Second choice of Original or Close Up version of Identify

Here’s how it works:

  • Reblog/like this post from now until December 24th at 11:59 pm CST (UTC -06:00)
  • Please do not reblog more than 5 times per day. (a.k.a no spamming please!)
  • Winners will be selected randomly and informed on Christmas Day and have 48 hours to respond. Failure to respond within the 48 hour period will result in forfeit of your prize.
  • You do not have to be following me
  • You must have your askbox open and be willing to give an address in order to be eligible to win
  • Reblogging to side blogs is a-ok but please NO giveaway blogs!

misc. info:

  • items will be purchased from kpoptown and shipped directly at no cost to you!
  • i will ship worlwide
  • all albums come with a poster and photocard
  • this video shows you what each version of the CD looks like and what poster comes with it

Please feel free to ask questions. And remember, the deadline to enter is December 24th, 11:59 PM CST (UTC -06:00).

Good luck and happy reblogging! ^^

Dear followers,

In celebration  of not only having more than thirty thousand followers, but also with the release of 1989 in a few days, Swift Secrets is having a giveaway. Now first off, thank you so much to every single one of you who have clicked that follow button, sent a secret, really anyone who has supported us through the three years we’ve been running this. It really does mean a lot because without this blog A) I would have never met some of the people that I’ve actually become friends with through this blog, B) I would swear that my opinions on Taylor were ones that I had alone, and C) I would be very bored on the weekends. I truly appreciate this blog, which means, I appreciate you followers even more because without y’all this would have never blown up the way that is has, seriously, thank you so so so much.  There will be ONE WINNER chosen, and the winner will be allowed to pick anything from Taylor’s store within a $50 limit that is.


- you don’t have to, but it’d be nice of you to follow everyone who puts in work on the daily for this to run - julia, myself, daya, lexi, and bea.

- since this is for our followers, you must be following us.

- unfortunately shipping is pricey, so this giveaway is only open to people in the 48 Continental United States.

In order to qualify you must reblog this, likes do not count, but you can reblog this as many times as you’d like from today until FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31.



First things first, all the items in this giveaway are already purchased. Some pictures are from the sellers I bought the items from since I am too lazy to take pictures of them myself.

Here are the rules.

Must be following AILTIMELOW ( ), as it is a follower giveaway after all.

We will be checking if the winner is following us.

There will be one winner per band.

Reblog once to enter the giveaway.

Likes do not count.

We will be personally picking a winner.

Message Azrael on facebook ( ) and tell her which band you like the most (those listed on the giveaway) and tell her the reason why we should choose you. It would be best to befriend her and make her remember you (do some shit like like her posts and stuff) since she will be the one picking the winners.

No giveaway blogs.

One winner will be chosen whenever this post gets 2k notes.

The giveaway includes everything in the pictures. Here are the other pictures.

The giveaway includes

      We the Kings

(2) WTK Hoodie

(5) WTK Shirt (1 Signed)


(4) WTK Baller

WTK Key Necklace

WTK Poster (Signed)

      Panic! At the Disco

(4) PATTD Shirt (1 Signed)

(2) PATTD Shoes

(3) PATTD Hoodie (1 Signed)

(2) PATTD Sweater (1 Signed)

(2) PATTD Necklace

PATTD Bonnet

(3) PATTD iPhone (4s&5) Case

(3) PATTD Baller

PATTD Tank Top

PATTD Poster (Signed)

      Two Door Cinema Club

(5) 2DCC Shirt (1 Signed)

(2) 2DCC Tank Top

2DCC Beacon Album (Signed)

2DCC iPhone (4s&5) Case

(3) 2DCC Baller

2DCC Bracelet

(2) 2DCC Pin

2DCC Poster

      Capital Cities

(2) CC Shirt

CC Life-sized Poster (Signed)

CC Album (Complete Set)

      Pierce the Veil

(7) PTV Shirt (2 Signed)

(2) PTV Shoes

(2) PTV Necklace

(4) PTV Hoodie

(2) PTV Baller

(2) PTV Cap

(2) PTV Bonnet

(2) PTV iPhone (4s&5) Case


PTV Album (Complete Set; Signed)

PTV Poster (1 for each member; Signed)

PTV Tank Top

      Sleeping with the Sirens

(11) SWS Shirt (3 Signed)

(5) SWS Hoodie

SWS Sweater

SWS Bonnet


(3) SWS Shoes

SWS Tank Top

(2) SWS Baller

SWS Necklace

SWS Album (Complete Set; Signed)

SWS Life-sized Poster (Signed)

      All Time Low

(7) ATL Necklace (Guitar picks; 4 Signed)

(7) ATL Shirt (1 Signed)

(3) ATL Shoes

(5) ATL Hoodie (2 Signed)

(4) ATL Baller

ATL Alex Gaskarth Baller

(4) ATL Bracelet (1 for each member)


ATL Complete Album Set (Don’t Panic and Nothing Personal are signed)

ATL Life-sized Poster (1 for each member; Signed)

      5 Seconds of Summer

(2) 5SOS Sweater (Including the Christmas sweater)

(2) 5SOS Hoodie

(8) 5SOS Shirt

5SOS Shirt+Skirt+Shoes

(3) 5SOS Bonnet

5SOS Cap

5SOS Bag

5SOS Bracelet

(2) 5SOS Necklace

(2) 5SOS iPhone (4s&5) Case

5SOS Scarf

(14) 5SOS Pin

5SOS Shorts (The pink thingy)

5SOS Tank Top

5SOS Life-sized Individual Poster (Signed)

5SOS Album (Signed)

      Of Mice and Men

(8) OM&M Shirt (2 Signed)

(2) OM&M Hoodie

(3) OM&M Tank Top

(2) OM&M Shoes

OM&M Baller

OM&M Bow

(2) OM&M iPhone (4s&5) Case

OM&M Keychain

OM&M Poster (Signed)

      Bring Me the Horizon

(11) BMTH Shirt (3 Signed)

(4) BMTH Hoodie (1 Signed)

BMTH Tank Top

BMTH Necklace


BMTH Bonnet

BMTH Album (Complete set; Signed)

BMTH Life-sized Poster (1 for each member; Signed)

      Mayday Parade

(2) MP Tank Top

(10) MP Shirt (4 Signed)

(5) MP Baller

MP Sweater

MP Hoodie

(2) MP Shoes

MP iPhone (4s&5) Case

MP Album (Complete set; Signed)

MP Poster (Signed)

Simple Plan

(10) SP Shirt (1 Signed)

(3) SP Hoodies

(5) SP Ballers

(6) SP Pins

SP Necklace

SP Cap

 (2) SP Shoes (1 Signed)

SP iPhone (4s&5) Case

SP Poster (Signed)

      The 1975

(2) T1975 Hoodie

(4) T1975 Shirt

(2) T1975 Tank Top

T1975 Debut Album (Signed)


(4) N Hoodie (1 Signed)

(7) N Shirt (1 Signed)

N Tumbler

N Necklace

(2) N Bonnet

N Shoes (Signed)

N Wallet

N Album (Complete set; Signed)

N Life-sized Poster (Signed)

      The Maine

(13) TM Shirt (5 Signed)

(2) TM Sweater

(2) TM Necklace

(2) TM Baller

(2) TM Hoodie

TM iPhone (4s&5) Case

TM Album (Complete set; Signed)

TM Life-sized Poster (1 for each member; Signed)

      Fall Out Boy

(13) FOB Shirt (7 Signed)

(3) FOB Hoodie

(2) FOB Sweater

FOB Baller

(2) FOB Bracelet

FOB Necklace


FOB Alarm Clock

FOB iPhone (4s&5) Case

FOB Tank Top

FOB Album (Complete set; Signed)

FOB Poster (1 for each member; Signed)


(21) P Shirt (7 Signed)

(3) P Tank Top

P Bonnet

P Hoodie

(3) P Shoes

P Necklace

(5) P Baller

P Album (Complete set; Signed)

(4) P Poster (4 Signed)

      You Me At Six

(4) YM@6 Sweater (1 Signed)

(2) YM@6 Hoodie

(7) YM@6 Shirt (1 Signed)

YM@6 Bag

YM@6 Tank Top

YM@6 Bonnet

YM@6 Necklace

YM@6 Poster (Signed)

YM@6 Album (Complete set; Signed)

      Blink 182

(2) B182 Sweater

(8) B182 Shirt (1 Signed)

(3) B182 Baller

(2) B182 Hoodie

B182 Bag

B182 Shoes

B182 Bonnet

B182 Scarf

B182 iPhone (4s&5) Case

B182 Album (Complete Set; Signed)

B182 Poster

And we’re also giving away some of our personal stuff.

A guitar

A drumset

A pink bass (like that of Zack Merrick)


And that is all. For the typos, I am sorry mates.

Again, likes do not count and we would be checking if you really follow us. 

We ship worldwide and we’ll pay for the shipping fee.

Message us if you have any more questions.

Good luck everyone and may the odds be ever in your favour!