I’m wondering, why people are talking bullshit about the small kpop entertainments or those bands who aren’t very popular like those kpop bands from the big kpop entertainments.

Actually, we don’t care if your fav band is the best in the whole kpop world industry. If your fav entertainment is n°1 etc. WE DON’T REALLY CARE ! What do you want exactly ?

To be honest, that piss me off those opinions about CNBLUE, FTISLAND and FNC Ent.

I don’t understand those peoples who leave their love for FNC’s artists because their kpop friends told them “”“this ent. sucksss”“”” shut up, please. Why are you influenced by others ? Because they judge you ? Because you listen to those bands ? Because what ? YOU ARE JUST DIFFERENT.

And why people say “CNBLUE and FTISLAND are useless”…..LMAO I CAN’T. Useless ? Gosh, stop it. Rock bands are NOT USELESS. I don’t know if you realize in the K-pop industry, that the music is the same all the time and sounds very original. Too much kpop, kill the kpop. CNB and FTI make a little bit diversity on this annoying industry.

I’m so done. Since yesterday, I saw those anons who said bullshit. Please STFU daaaamn ! 

The whole K-pop world must BE OPEN-MINDED.

ps: cnblue, ftisland and fnc are 2 fab and 2 cool 4 u, lmao!

141001 kimheenim:  I haven’t ridden my car for 3 months and the battery ran out so Hongki came to get me. Haa.. I’m always playing LoL or looking at things like ASUKA, ANNA so I don’t really drive my car. I’ve bought my car for 7 years and I only rode it for 23,800Km.. Sorry my duiduibbangbbang* ah.. But by the way why are our eyes, nose and lips like that?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #Taeyang #BecauseIlikeit #DogHongki #RabbitHeechul #HDR #Ulzzang

*Tn: it’s kid language for car 

skullhong12: Who are you?

skullhong12: Date after a long time

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FTISLAND - To The Light 

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