It was just a quick high five. But they were all smiling and nice. Minhwan was the only one who didn’t say hi, but he was all cute and bowed his head and aksfhksjduyfg Jaejin looked surprised, but i think that’s just his face- Seunghyun was the last one and i just can’t even think of the rightwords right now. He’s my bias and I was just too caught up in the moment to say anything other than hi. And there was no time lol

And yes, they’re all even more beautiful in real life. It physically hurt me.



They started with slower/sadder songs. Hongki’s voice is as amazing as I ever thought it would be. Seunghyun was having a couple of problems with the guitar at first, though I’m not sure what it was. Either way, once they got it fixed, he was all cheerful and silly. I was right in front of him, with a few people in front of me, and he kept looking at us, waving, etc. (I’m pretty sure he looked at me like 3 times at the beginning but that could’ve been my imagination cause idk if he could read my good morning bob shirt)

Seunghyun and jaejin acted silly pretty much the whole show. I am not kidding. Even in the sad songs, they either made fun of hongki or just made silly faces. Jaejin was the one that moved around the most tbh.

I can’t say much about jonghoon unfortunately cause he was at the other side. However, he did start the show playing the piano (amazingly, needless to say). Minhwan joined him and soon did the others. Minhwan also had a short drum solo later on, which was awesome. 

Hongki was really at his best. Ever so often he’d call over the translator, and honestly, everything he said made us feel so happy and grateful. First, he apologized for making us wait in the cold. Then, he went on to saying that ftisland’s only been able to start making the music that they want in the last year and a half, and so they really treasure it. The show they had today was the show /they/ wanted to play, with the songs they like and like to play. He said that because of that, he was really happy. Also, he added that he was a bit scared to come to the US. Because there are so many great singers here, he felt intimidated, and wanted to work on his english. But they were all impressed by how much we knew the songs, and how we actually knew /them/. More than once they asked how did we even know them lol 

During the acoustic, the crowd sang along a lot. And that made them really happy. Hongki even laughed a couple of times, as if he wan’t believing it. …Or he was laughing at our korean, but i doubt it lol I think that was one of my favorite parts of the show. Everyone was so chill, the vibe was amazing, and the music was perfect.

The place wasn’t full, so no one was shoving or pushing. I did end up a bit more to the left than when I started, but I didn’t mind much. I could still see all of them pretty well, especially Seunghyun and Jaejin. 

In the end they did an encore with one song, On My Way. Hongki said they wrote that song when they were having a hard time, and it really helped them, so it means a lot to them. We all held up banners (which were in korean so don’t ask me the translation cause i was just given the banner by someone), and at the end they took a photo. 

Overall, I was a bit afraid at first. Mostly because i’ve heard so much stuff about kpop concerts and all the pushing and pulling, but the whole experience was amazing. I don’t know if it was because the place wasn’t full, or if it was because of the primadonnas, but the whole vibe was chill and sweet. No one cut in the line. Whenever someone went out to get something, we’d let them back in the place they were. We all talked and bonded. It was amazing. 

That’s about it for now. If I remember more, I’ll post it. I have a few fancams that aren’t that great, but who knows, i might put them up. I still love rewatching them.

Thanks FTI, for a great concert <3


P.S.:  A lot of times when hongki’s translator was talking, jaeijin would say “yes yes yes” or “no no no”, and it was hilarious-


[PIC/TRANS] [150128] FTISLAND’s Updates from NY

Picture 1

[Trans] Hongki: its too cold

Picture 2

[Trans] Jonghoon: NY #TimesSquare FTBrothers

Picture 3


*guys, its like around 4 in the morning there, and a snowstorm just ended at that. What are you doing there? And the 3rd picture, you guys are so embarrassing LOL The maknaes are probably so done with their super excited hyungs and just stayed at the hotel to sleep -_-”


Hongki: Jaejin asked me yesterday, ‘How long will we be able to have lives at a large venue like this?’ I asked him why, and he said, ‘Well, many things happened to us and I feel uneasy. How long will these people support us?’

Primadonnas: Until we die!!

Jaejin: Hahaha, thank you.

Hongki: But I think every artist has this kind of anxiety. So I answered, I think if we keep trying our best, this will be conveyed to fans, and that will be enough. I don’t think we can do more than that…if we practice hard, and be good at what we do, that will be enough. This is what we concluded.


[VID] KBS Cool FM K-Pop Planet - Jaejin - Drive (originally by Incubus)

cr: KBS 콩

Spreading the awesomeness that is Lee Jaejin :D

He said that back then when they were still training, FTISLAND used to practice this song a lot, so this song holds a certain memory for them :) 

we almost made it.
i almost called you “mine”
and you almost called me “yours”

i think we almost loved each-other

but the only thing i was sure about is that
wasn’t good enough.

Nautica Elaine Woods, I Needed A Guarantee, Not A Hypothetical