Follow spree!! :D

So basically I’ve just noticed I don’t follow enough blogs which post:

- Benedict Cumberbatch

- Sherlock/sherlock cast

- Martin Freeman

- Andrew Scott

- Tom Hiddleston

- Dan and Phil

- other youtubers

If you post about those above please like or reblog this post and I will check your blog and probably follow you :) (would be lovely if you followed back ;))


Assassin’s Creed Universe - 400 Followers Celebration

Hello my dear followers, it’s time for another celebration! I hit 400 followers recently, and I just wanted to thank each and every one of you! You are amazing and Tumblr really improved my life. 

So I am going to do kind of a follow forever:

My biggest fans (according to Tumblr activity)

captaindanielalexander, trahisonprisonetguillotine, kenwayer27, gottalovethekenways, clothingfoxy, legendaryandsweet, …

My favorite blogs (according to Tumblr likes & reblogs counter)

gottalovethekenways, steampowered-hunter, vincisomething, edkenwaysbastard, eilizabeth, yawnekxela, marie-therese-charlotte, nyiro, p4rtypir4te, …

Tumblr friends & crushes

gottalovethekenways, officialarnodoriarn, luthienberen, lilerilala, templarsandhoes, trahisonprisonetguillotine, …

Thanks to you all and if you ever have a wallpaper wish, a submission or just want to talk, don’t hestitate to text me!