awww at me losing subscribers.

aww… im sorry.. is it because I don’t want to be jack frost any more?
Sorry that a real person isn’t good enough for you.
Sorry that this real person is still the same guy and just wants to entertain you.

I’m really really really sorry that I’m not going to fake who I am just for a couple of notes and likes on my videos but thanks anyway. It’s a real pleasure to know that some people are that nice :)

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micah sullivan

" Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone
deserves a second chance.. "

And here we have, Micah Sullivan. Heir to his father’s— late father’s corporation. Which was one of the three major gun manufacturing companies in the United States; Sturm, Ruger & Co. His last name- Sullivan, caused a bit of controversy among columnists and news reporters as to why it wasn’t the same as his father’s and the answer was simple; he had his mother’s last name. Though, she left when he was just a child, and he was left to be brought up by the maids in his home because his father felt he was irrelevant. Now that he is deceased, he’s moved to South Korea to try and further extend his company’s branches and help the empire grow, so when he is deceased as well, he’ll at least have something to be remembered for, or pass on to his children that he hopes to have one day. Wouldn’t want to spend his life in vain I suppose.

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